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bar n

often attrib
1 a : the railing in a courtroom that encloses the area around the judge where prisoners are stationed in criminal cases or where the business of the court is transacted in civil cases compare bench , dock , jury box , stand
b : court tribunal [the younger judge brought a fresh viewpoint to the ]
2 a : the whole body of lawyers
: those qualified to practice in the courts of a particular jurisdiction [admitted to the Arizona ] [the bankruptcy ] compare bench
b : the profession or occupation of lawyer
c : bar examination [passed the ]
3 : something that prevents admission, progress, or action: as
a : an intangible impediment, obstacle, or barrier [the restrictive covenant raised a racial ] [consent of the victim is a to conviction]
b : the permanent preclusion of a claim or action esp. due to the loss of a previous suit based on the same cause of action and between the same parties [its earlier successful suit against the purchaser for the price was a to the present suit "Martino v. McDonald's System, Inc. , 598 F.2d 1079 (1979)"] [a statute of limitations to the present action] compare collateral estoppel at estoppel , merger , res judicata

at bar
: before the court [in the case at bar]

at the bar
: in the legal profession [pressures faced by women at the bar "R. E. Hauser"]

vt barred
1 : to keep out
: exclude [cannot the items from sale]
2 : to prevent from doing or accomplishing (something) [plaintiff's conduct may her recovery] [the contract s his reinstatement]
3 : preclude : as
a : to act as a bar to (as a claim or action) [liberative prescription s actions "Louisiana Civil Code "] [final judgment barred the subsequent claim]
b : to prevent (a party) from bringing a claim or action [plaintiffs are barred by the judgment…from relitigating their claims "Roach v. Teamsters Local Union No. 688 , 595 F.2d 446 (1979)"] see also estop compare merge
bar·ra·ble adj

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