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Consumer Law Glossary

Trying to decipher an acronym? Attempting to understand legal jargon? The Consumer Law glossary gives you access to definitions for the Consumer protection related legal terminology commonly used in documents and class action suits. This Consumer Law glossary will help you understand the legal terms and phrases which are relevant to service disputes, car purchases, and other areas of Consumer law.

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Bait And Switch
: a fraudulent or deceptive sales practice in which a purchaser is attracted by advertisement of a low-priced item but then is encouraged to purchase a higher-priced one called also bait advertising
Consumer Debt
see debt
Consumer Price Index
: an index measuring the change in the cost of typical wage-earner purchases of goods and services in some base period called also cost-of-living index
Consumer Product Safety Commission
A federal agency that has primary responsibility for establishing mandatory product safety standards to reduce the unreasonable risk of injury to consumers from consumer products.
Consumer Protection
Laws designed to protect consumers against unfair trade and credit practices involving faulty or dangerous goods.
: something or a lack of something that results in incompleteness, inadequacy, or imperfection: as a : a flaw in something (as a product) esp. that creates an unreasonable risk of harm in its normal ...
False Advertising
: the crime or tort of publishing, broadcasting, or otherwise publicly distributing an advertisement that contains an untrue, misleading, or deceptive representation or statement which was made ...
Food and Drug Administration see also the Important Agencies section
Inherently Dangerous
1 : of, relating to, or being an activity or occupation whose nature presents a risk of grave injury without the use of and sometimes despite the use of special skill and care 2 : of, relating to, ...
Latent Defect
: a defect (as in a product or property) that is not discoverable by reasonable or customary inspection [a latent defect excluded from the homeowner's insurance]
Lemon Law
: a statute that grants the purchaser of a car specific remedies (as a refund) if the car has a defect that impairs or significantly affects its use, value, or safety and that cannot be repaired ...
: to brand (as a food item or drug) falsely or in a misleading way ;specif : to label in violation of statutory requirements
Product Liability Lawsuit
A suit brought by a person who has been injured by a product as opposed to being injured by another individual
1 : a call to return [a of workers] 2 : the right or procedure by which an official may be removed by vote of the people [a petition] 3 : the act of revoking 4 : a public call by a manufacturer ...
Unreasonably Dangerous
: characterized by a hazard due to design, defect, or a failure to warn that would not be contemplated by an ordinary user of the product and that is not outweighed by utility [impose strict ...
pl: -ties [modification (influenced by warrant) of Anglo-French garantie, from garantir to protect, warrant] 1 : a promise in a deed that gives the grantee of an estate recourse (as through an action ...
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