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charge n

1 a : something required
: obligation
b : personal management or supervision [put the child in his ]
c : a person or thing placed under the care of another
2 : an authoritative instruction or command
: instruction in points of law given by a judge to a jury [conviction…reversed, because of trial court's "W. R. LaFave and A. W. Scott, Jr."]
3 a : an incurred expense
b : the price demanded for something (as admission or use) [a finance ]
c : a debit to an account
: a debit resulting from unexpected operating expenses [a against earnings]
4 : a formal allegation of an offense or wrongdoing [based on a that was dismissed "National Law Journal"] see also complaint, indictment, information
vt charged
1 a : to impose a task or responsibility on [was charged with protecting civil rights]
b : to command or instruct with authority
: to give a charge to (a jury) [the jury should have been charged on common-law negligence "National Law Journal"]
2 a : to make an accusation against esp. in order to bring to trial [charging her with attempted robbery] see also accuse, indict
b : to allege esp. as an accusation [crimes charged in the indictment]
3 a : to impose a financial liability on [ the estate]
b : to impose or record as a financial burden or liability [ the debts to the estate] [charging the loss against earnings]
4 a : to fix or ask as a fee or payment [ $4 for parking]
b : to ask payment of (an individual or organization) [ a client for expenses]
charge·able adj

Source: Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law ©1996. Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. Published under license with Merriam-Webster, Incorporated.

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