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issue n


: proceeds from a source of revenue (as an estate) [rents, s, and profits]
2 : one or more lineal descendants [died without ] compare child, heir
3 a : a vital question or problem [cited a national security ] [raised an of public safety]
b : a matter of dispute between two or more parties
: a single material point of fact or law in litigation that is affirmed by one side and denied by the other and that is a subject of the final determination (as by jury) of the proceedings

genuine issue
: an issue of fact that requires adjudication by trial rather than summary judgment because sufficient evidence exists to support a verdict for the party opposing the motion for summary judgment NOTE: The burden is on the party moving for summary judgment to show that no genuine issue is in dispute.

issue of fact
: a dispute about a material fact that is raised by pleadings and that must be resolved by a decision under the law in order to become res judicata

issue of law
: a question specifically regarding the application of law to a case [instructed the jury on various issues of law "United States v. Levine, 41 F.3d 607 (1994)"]
c : the point at which a legal matter is ready for determination (as by trial) [filed pleadings and brought the case to ]
4 a : the offering or selling of a group of securities by a corporation or government [a new bond ]
b : the securities offered or sold in such a group [sold the entire ]

at issue

in issue

: under discussion or in dispute

[i-shü] vb is·sued
1 : accrue [profits issuing from the sale of the stock]
2 : to become available or be put forth by authority [waited for the search warrant to ]
: to put forth or distribute usually officially [ a subpoena] [ bonds] [ credit]
is·su·er n

Source: Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law ©1996. Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. Published under license with Merriam-Webster, Incorporated.

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