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King's Bench
known as
: one that takes care of and often is legally responsible for something [a dog's ] [a of the property]
Kentucky Consular Center (Kcc)
A U.S. Department of State facility located in Williamsburg, Kentucky. It gives domestic (U.S.) support to the worldwide operations of the Bureau of Consular Affairs Visa Office. It manages the ...
Keogh Plan
[after Eugene J. Keogh (1907-89), U.S. Congressman whose 1965 bill established the plan] : an individual retirement account for the self-employed
adj :of vital importance (as in a business organization) esp. so as to be specially insured to the benefit of an employer [ man] [ employee insurance]
: a payment (as of money or property) made to one in a position to open up or control a source of income for the payor [convicted of receiving s for referrals] compare bribe, payoff NOTE: A kickback ...
kid·napped or: kid·naped [-napt] kid·nap·ping or: kid·nap·ing [-na-pi] [probably back-formation from kidnapper, from kid child + obsolete napper thief] : to seize and ...
or kid·nap·ing n : an act or instance or the crime of seizing, confining, inveigling, abducting, or carrying away a person by force or fraud often with a demand for ransom or in ...
Killer App
Killer App is an industry for an application program that persuades the user to purchase the system on which the application runs.
: one's relatives kin·ship [-ship] n
1 : a particular type, category, or class [properties of like ] see also like-kind exchange 2 a : an unconverted form [a partition of property in ] ;broadly : a form other than money [forbid a ...
King's Bench
: a division of the High Court of Justice of England and Wales that hears civil cases (as commercial cases) and appeals of criminal cases used during the reign of a king compare queen's bench
: check-kiting
Knock And Announce Rule
: a rule of criminal procedure requiring that police announce their authority and purpose before entering a premises in execution of a search or arrest warrant unless special circumstances (as risk ...
1 : having or reflecting knowledge [a and intelligent waiver of counsel] see also intelligent 2 : deliberate [ possession] [ endangerment] compare mens rea know·ing·ly adv
1 a : awareness or understanding esp. of an act, a fact, or the truth : actual knowledge in this entry b : awareness that a fact or circumstance probably exists ; broadly : constructive knowledge ...
Known Creditor
see creditor
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