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  • K.B.
    King's Bench
  • K/A
    known as
  • Keeper
    : one that takes care of and often is legally responsible for something [a dog's ] [a of the property]
  • Kentucky Consular Center (Kcc)
    A U.S. Department of State facility located in Williamsburg, Kentucky. It gives domestic (U.S.) support to the worldwide operations of the Bureau of Consular Affairs Visa Office. It manages the ...
  • Keogh Plan
    [after Eugene J. Keogh (1907-89), U.S. Congressman whose 1965 bill established the plan] : an individual retirement account for the self-employed
  • Key
    adj :of vital importance (as in a business organization) esp. so as to be specially insured to the benefit of an employer [ man] [ employee insurance]
  • Kickback
    : a payment (as of money or property) made to one in a position to open up or control a source of income for the payor [convicted of receiving s for referrals] compare bribe, payoff NOTE: A kickback ...
  • Kidnap
    kid·napped or: kid·naped [-napt] kid·nap·ping or: kid·nap·ing [-na-pi] [probably back-formation from kidnapper, from kid child + obsolete napper thief] : to seize and ...
  • Kidnapping
    or kid·nap·ing n : an act or instance or the crime of seizing, confining, inveigling, abducting, or carrying away a person by force or fraud often with a demand for ransom or in ...
  • Killer App
    Killer App is an industry for an application program that persuades the user to purchase the system on which the application runs.
  • Kin
    : one's relatives kin·ship [-ship] n
  • Kind
    1 : a particular type, category, or class [properties of like ] see also like-kind exchange 2 a : an unconverted form [a partition of property in ] ;broadly : a form other than money [forbid a ...
  • King's Bench
    : a division of the High Court of Justice of England and Wales that hears civil cases (as commercial cases) and appeals of criminal cases used during the reign of a king compare queen's bench
  • Kiting
    : check-kiting
  • Knock And Announce Rule
    : a rule of criminal procedure requiring that police announce their authority and purpose before entering a premises in execution of a search or arrest warrant unless special circumstances (as risk ...
  • Knowing
    1 : having or reflecting knowledge [a and intelligent waiver of counsel] see also intelligent 2 : deliberate [ possession] [ endangerment] compare mens rea know·ing·ly adv
  • Knowledge
    1 a : awareness or understanding esp. of an act, a fact, or the truth : actual knowledge in this entry b : awareness that a fact or circumstance probably exists ; broadly : constructive knowledge ...
  • Known Creditor
    see creditor

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