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released on recognizance
revised statutes
[race from the notion of two parties rushing to the courthouse in order to be the first to record a claim or interest on the same property] : of, relating to, or being a recording act which ...
: one that engages in racketeering racketeer vb
1 : the extortion of money or advantage by threat or force 2 : a pattern of illegal activity (as extortion and murder) that is carried out in furtherance of an enterprise (as a criminal syndicate) ...
a radioactive gas found in some homes that, if occurring in strong enough concentrations, can cause health problems.
Acronym for redundant array of independent disks or redundant array of inexpensive disks. RAID is a performance enhancing method of storing the same data in different places on multiple hard disks. ...
: one that attempts a usually hostile takeover of a business corporation compare white knight
: a person (as a partner in a law firm) who brings in new business rain·mak·ing n
Rank And File
: the general membership of a union
Rank Order Number
The number that Kentucky Consular Center gives to the entries of DV Program (lottery) as the computer selects them. The first entries chosen have the lowest numbers. The Visa Office of the Department ...
: a consideration paid or demanded for the release of someone or something from captivity see also kidnapping
raped rap·ing [Latin rapere to seize and take away by force] : to commit rape on rap·er n rap·ist n
Rape Shield Law
: a law that prohibits or limits use of evidence (as testimony) regarding prior sexual conduct of an alleged rape victim
: made or calculated according to a proportionate rate : pro rata [a distribution of the bankruptcy estate] rat·ably [-blē] adv
1 : a fixed ratio between two things 2 : a charge, payment, or price fixed according to a ratio, scale, or standard: as a : a charge per unit of a commodity provided by a public utility b : a ...
Rate Base
: the total fair value of public utility property that is used in rendering services and that comprises the investment on which a fair rate of return is based in setting utility rates
Rate Cap
a limit on an ARM on how much the interest rate or mortgage payment may change. Rate caps limit how much the interest rates can rise or fall on the adjustment dates and over the life of the loan.
Rate Lock
a commitment by a lender to a borrower guaranteeing a specific interest rate over a period of time at a set cost.
-fied -fy·ing : to make valid or effective ;esp : to adopt or affirm (as the prior act or contract of an agent) by express or implied consent with the effect of original authorization [unable ...
Ratio Decidendi
[Latin, grounds for deciding] : the principle or rule constituting the basis of a court decision
1 : having reason or understanding 2 : relating to, based on, or guided by reason, principle, fairness, logic, a legitimate state interest, or a consideration of fact [age distinctions are not ...
Rational Basis
: a reason or ground (as for legislation or an action by a government agency) that is not unreasonable or arbitrary and that bears rational relationship to a legitimate state interest see also ...
Rational Basis Test
: a test less intensive than strict scrutiny or an intermediate review that involves a determination of whether a statutory or regulatory classification of persons (as by age or offender status) has ...
[Middle English, to seize and take away by violence, from Middle French raviss-, stem of ravir, ultimately from Latin rapere to seize, rob] : rape rav·ish·ment n
[Latin, ablative of res thing] : with regard to : in re
1 : again : anew [reinvest] 2 : back : backward [reconvey]
Re-Entry Permit
A travel document that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issues to lawful permanent residents (LPRs) who want to stay outside of the U.S. for more than one year and less than two years. LPRs ...
1 : to extend application to 2 : to obtain an interest in or possession of [unable to all the assets of the debtor] 3 a : to arrive at and consider [the justices did not that issue] b : to amount ...
: to adjust again ;esp : to voluntarily reorganize (a corporation) vi : to become readjusted re·ad·just·ment n
1 : to affirm again 2 : to agree to the payment of (a dischargeable debt) with a creditor prior to the discharge of debts in bankruptcy [ed her debt in order to keep her car] ...
Reaffirmation Agreement
An agreement by a chapter 7 debtor to continue paying a dischargeable debt (such as an auto loan) after the bankruptcy, usually for the purpose of keeping collateral (i.e. the car) that would ...
Reaffirmation Hearing
see hearing
[Anglo-French, concerning land, property, or things (rather than persons), from Middle French, from Medieval Latin and Late Latin; Medieval Latin realis relating to things (in law), from Late Latin, ...
Real Defense
see defense
Real Estate
: real property at property
Real Estate Agent
an individual who is licensed to negotiate and arrange real estate sales; works for a real estate broker.
Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit (Remic)
a security representing an interest in a trust having multiple classes of securities. The securities of each class entitle investors to cash payments structured differently from the payments on the ...
Real Estate Property Tax Deduction
a tax deductible expense reducing a taxpayer's taxable income.
Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (Respa)
a law protecting consumers from abuses during the residential real estate purchase and loan process by requiring lenders to disclose all settlement costs, practices, and relationships
Real Evidence
see evidence
Real Property
see property
Real Right
in the civil law of Louisiana : a right that is attached to a thing rather than a person [the right of ownership…may be burdened with a real right in favor of another person as allowed by law ...
: to make new divisions or groupings of ;esp : to regroup (one or more litigants) to reflect the true arrangement of interests in a suit NOTE: After examining the ultimate interests of the parties ...
-ized -iz·ing 1 : to convert into money 2 : to obtain or incur (as a gain or loss) esp. as the result of a sale, exchange, or other disposition of an asset [realized a loss when the house was ...
a real estate agent or broker who is a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS, and its local and state associations.
: real property at property
: to apportion anew ;esp : to apportion (seats in a house of representatives) in accordance with new population distribution vi : to make a new apportionment ...
: new or repeated argument ;esp : presentation of new or additional arguments to a court on a matter of law or fact which a petitioner claims was overlooked or misunderstood by the court NOTE: ...
1 : an underlying ground, justification, purpose, motive, or inducement [required to provide s for the termination in writing] 2 a : the faculty of comprehending, inferring, or distinguishing esp. ...
1 a : being in accordance with reason, fairness, duty, or prudence b : of an appropriate degree or kind c : supported or justified by fact or circumstance [a belief that force was necessary for ...
Reasonable Accommodation
A reasonable accommodation is an adaption or modification that is made — by an employer or another party — to meet the needs of a person with a disability (or a person's religious beliefs) that does not lead to undue hardship or jeopardize safety.
Reasonable Care
: due care
Reasonable Cause
see cause
Reasonable Diligence
: due diligence
Reasonable Doubt
: a doubt esp. about the guilt of a criminal defendant that arises or remains upon fair and thorough consideration of the evidence or lack thereof [all persons are presumed to be innocent and no ...
Reasonable Force
see force
Reasonable Person
: a fictional person with an ordinary degree of reason, prudence, care, foresight, or intelligence whose conduct, conclusion, or expectation in relation to a particular circumstance or fact is used ...
Reasonable Probability
: a probability that the result of a proceeding would have been different if not for the unprofessional errors of counsel or nondisclosure of exculpatory material by the prosecution which is ...
Reasonable Suspicion
: an objectively justifiable suspicion that is based on specific facts or circumstances and that justifies stopping and sometimes searching (as by frisking) a person thought to be involved in ...
Reasonable Use
see use
Reasonably Equivalent Value
: value that is a fair amount for property transferred by a debtor esp. in bankruptcy and that is not therefore evidence of a fraudulent conveyance see also fair consideration at consideration
: a refund or deduction of part of a payment, price, or charge re·bate [rē-bāt, ri-bāt] vb
re·but·ted re·but·ting [Anglo-French reboter rebuter to answer a charge, bar from an action, literally, to repulse, rebuff, from Old French reboter, from re- back + boter to push, ...
Rebuttable Presumption
see presumption
: the act or procedure of rebutting ;also : evidence or argument that rebuts
Rebuttal Evidence
see evidence
Rebuttal Witness
see witness
[Anglo-French reboter, from reboter to rebut] : the answer of a defendant in matter of fact to a plaintiff's surrejoinder
1 : a call to return [a of workers] 2 : the right or procedure by which an official may be removed by vote of the people [a petition] 3 : the act of revoking 4 : a public call by a manufacturer ...
: to renounce or withdraw (prior statements or testimony) [surprised the prosecution by ing statements made earlier to the police] vi : to renounce or withdraw prior statements or testimony ...
: to change the capital structure of (a corporation) re·cap·i·tal·i·za·tion [-ka-pət-l-ə-zā-shən] n
-tured -tur·ing 1 : to capture again 2 : to recover or take (as an excess or gain) by law or agreement ;esp : to recover (a tax benefit) by higher or additional taxation of income or property ...
1 : the act, process, or fact of taking possession 2 : something (as income) received usually used in pl. 3 : a writing acknowledging the receiving of goods or money
Receipt Notice
A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) form, Notice of Action I-797, which says that the DHS has received a petition.
1 : capable of being received 2 : subject to call for payment [notes ] see also account receivable receivable n
1 : an officer charged with receiving tax payments or returns and other related duties (as the maintenance of tax rolls) 2 : a person appointed by the court to hold in trust and administer property ...
Receiver's Certificate
: a debt instrument that is issued by the receiver of a corporation and that may have priority over other liens against the company
1 : the office or function of a receiver 2 : a proceeding in which a receiver is appointed 3 : the state of being in the hands of a receiver compare bankruptcy
: a temporary adjournment of a trial, hearing, or legislative session recess vb
-vat·ed -vat·ing [Medieval Latin recidivatus, past participle of recidivare to fall back, relapse, from Latin recidivus falling back, recurring] : to return to criminal activity
: relapse into criminal behavior
: an habitual criminal recidivist adj re·cid·i·vis·tic [ri-si-də-vis-tik] adj
1 a : mutual b : bilateral [a contract] 2 : characterized by correspondence or equivalence esp. in return or response with another of the same category [was prevented from obtaining discovery of ...
Reciprocal Dealing
: an arrangement violative of antitrust laws in which a party with greater economic power agrees to buy a product from a seller if the seller buys something in return
Reciprocal Exchange
: an unincorporated association in which members (as individuals, partnerships, trustees, or corporations) exchange contracts and pay premiums through an attorney-in-fact for the insurance of each ...
Reciprocal Insurance
: insurance through a reciprocal exchange called also interinsurance
Reciprocal Insurance Exchange
: reciprocal exchange
Reciprocal Interinsurance Exchange
: reciprocal exchange
Reciprocal Will
see will
pl: -ties 1 : the quality or state of being reciprocal 2 : the exchange, recognition, or enforcement of licenses, privileges, or obligations between states of the U.S. or between nations
or re·cis·sion [-shən] n : rescission
: a formal statement or setting forth of some relevant matter of fact in a deed or other document [a of a factual reason for a transaction] NOTE: A recital is often preceded by whereas.
: characterized by the creation of a substantial and unjustifiable risk to the lives, safety, or rights of others and by a conscious and sometimes wanton and willful disregard for or indifference to ...
Reckless Disregard Of The Truth
or reckless disregard for the truth 1 : disregard of the truth or falsity of a defamatory statement by a person who is highly aware of its probable falsity or entertains serious doubts about its ...
Reckless Endangerment
: the offense of recklessly engaging in conduct that creates a substantial risk of serious physical injury or death to another person NOTE: Reckless endangerment is a misdemeanor but sometimes rises ...
Reckless Homicide
see homicide
: the quality or state of being reckless ;also : reckless conduct compare negligence NOTE: Recklessness may be the basis for civil and often criminal liability. Unlike negligence it requires ...
1 : to make fit or available for human use [ing land that had been strip-mined] 2 a : to demand the return of by right b : to regain possession of
1 : the act or process of reclaiming [the of goods delivered to an insolvent buyer] 2 : a right to reclaim (as under commercial law)
1 : the act, process, or fact of recognizing 2 : the state of being recognized
Recognition Strike
see strike
[Anglo-French recognisance reconisance, literally, recognition, from Old French reconoisance, from reconoistre to recognize, from Latin recognoscere] 1 : an obligation entered into on the record ...
-nized -niz·ing 1 : to acknowledge formally: as a : to admit as being of a particular status [ a precedent] [ a union] ;specif : to acknowledge (as a right, cause of action, or defense) as ...
Recognized Market
: a market in which a secured party sells collateral upon a debtor's default, which does not rely on competitive bidding or haggling, and in which prices are stated publicly and presumed to be ...
: one that is obligated under a recognizance
-ciled -cil·ing vt 1 a : to restore to harmony [reconciled the parties] [reconciled the marriage] b : to bring to resolution [ differences] 2 a : to check (a financial account) against another ...
[French reconduction, from Latin reconducere to lead back, lease again, from re- back + conducere to conduct, hire, lease] in the civil law of Louisiana : a renewal of a lease
1 : a rebuilding of a nonfunctional patented article that amounts to creation of a new article and constitutes infringement of the patent [the complete replacement of the mechanism was a and not a ...
[French, from Middle French, from re- again, back + convention agreement between two parties] in the civil law of Louisiana : the act or process of making a counterclaim [judicial efficiency is ...
Reconventional Demand
in the civil law of Louisiana : counterclaim [allowed to make a reconventional demand arising from a different transaction with the plaintiff]
: to convey back or again [the lender ed title to the borrower upon satisfaction of the debt]
1 : to put in a record 2 : to deposit or otherwise cause to be registered in the appropriate office as a record and notice of a title or interest in property [ a deed] [ a mortgage] see also ...
Record Date
: the date on which a corporation determines the identity of its shareholders and their holdings (as for determining who is entitled to notice of a shareholder meeting or who is entitled to vote at ...
Record Owner
see owner
Record Title
see title
: recordation
: the act or process of recording [ of a lien]
1 : a judge of a municipal court 2 : a public officer charged with making a record of writings or transactions (as conveyances) [a of deeds]
the recording in a registrar's office of an executed legal document. These include deeds, mortgages, satisfaction of a mortgage, or an extension of a mortgage making it a part of the public record.
Recording Act
: a statute setting forth the requirements for recording a deed or interest (as in real property) and the standards for determining priority among different parties with claims on the same property ...
Recording Fees
charges for recording a deed with the appropriate government agency.
: recover [would the overpayment from current claims payments "City of Cordova v. Medicaid Rate Commn., 789 P.2d 346 (1990)"]
1 : the process or fact of recouping [ of expenses] 2 a : a keeping back of all or part of a sum sought by a plaintiff in the interest of equity see also equitable recoupment b : a reduction in ...
1 a : the act of turning to someone or something for assistance esp. in obtaining redress b : a means to a desired end esp. in the nature of a remedy or justice ;also : the end itself 2 : the ...
Recourse Note
see note
1 : to get back or get back an equivalent for [ costs through higher prices] 2 a : to obtain or get back (as damages, satisfaction for a debt, or property) through a judgment or decree [ damages in ...
: capable of being recovered esp. as a matter of law re·cov·er·abil·i·ty [-kə-və-rə-bi-lə-tē] n
pl: -er·ies 1 : the act, process, or fact of recovering 2 a : the obtaining, getting back, or vindication of a right or property by judgment or decree ;esp : the obtaining of damages b : an ...
: examination of a witness after redirect examination
: an act, procedure, or fact of recusing compare challenge
: refusing to submit to authority [the witness failed to appear despite a subpoena] recusant n
: recusal
re·cused re·cus·ing [Anglo-French recuser to refuse, from Middle French, from Latin recusare, from re- back + causari to give a reason, from causa cause, reason] 1 : to challenge or ...
Red Herring
[red herring something that distracts attention from the main issue, diversion] : a preliminary prospectus (as for the sale of securities) that is not yet approved by the appropriate body (as the ...
1 a : repurchase b : to repurchase by right and not on the open market [ preferred shares] 2 a : to free from a lien or pledge usually by payment of the amount secured thereby [ collateral] b : ...
: capable of being redeemed ;specif : subject to redemption before maturity or after a specified time and usually with payment of an added premium [a bond] [ preferred stock]
: the act, process, or fact of redeeming see also equity of redemption, right of redemption re·demp·tive [-demp-tiv] adj
: one that redeems ;specif : one that redeems real property under equity of redemption or right of redemption
[French rédhibition, from Latin redhibitio return of defective goods to the seller, from redhibēre to return (defective goods), from red- back + habēre to hold, have] in the civil law ...
in the civil law of Louisiana : of, relating to, or being redhibition [a action]
Redhibitory Defect
in the civil law of Louisiana : a defect that renders a thing useless or so diminishes its usefulness or value that it must be presumed that the buyer would not have bought it or would have paid a ...
Redirect Examination
: examination of a witness again after cross-examination
: to divide anew into districts ;specif : to revise the legislative districts of vi : to revise legislative districts
1 : the illegal and discriminatory practice of refusing to lend to or insure people in a particular area (as a slum) 2 : the practice of showing changes to a draft of a document by marking with red ...
1 a : relief from distress b : a means of obtaining a remedy 2 : compensation (as damages) for wrong or loss re·dress [ri-dres] vt
re·duced re·duc·ing 1 : to make smaller 2 a : to convert (a chose in action) into a chose in possession [enforcement action sought to to possession her property interest in ...
Reduction To Practice
:the process of demonstrating that an invention works correctly for its desired purpose NOTE: Under federal patent law reduction to practice is taken into account in establishing priority of ...
: a retaking possession of property by a lessor or grantor in exercise of the right to do so upon the failure of the lessee or grantee to fulfill a covenant or condition see also power of termination ...
: to examine again
re·ferred re·fer·ring : to send or direct for treatment, aid, service, information, or decision [referred the debtor to an attorney with expertise in bankruptcy] ;specif : commit
: an officer appointed by a court or quasi-judicial body (as a workers' compensation board) to investigate a case, report findings, and often to make orders subject to review [the board may affirm, ...
1 : an act of referring ;specif : mention or citation of one document (as a statute) in another [a municipality may adopt by all or a part of this title "Alaska Statutes"] see also incorporate 2 : ...
pl: -da [-də] or: -dums [New Latin, from Latin, neuter of referendus, gerundive of referre to refer] : the submission to popular vote of a measure passed on or proposed by a legislative body or ...
: the act or an instance of referring [appealed the of the bill to the Ways and Means committee]
1 : to renew or reorganize the financing of 2 : to revise the terms of (a debt obligation) esp. in regard to interest rate or payment schedule [ a mortgage] vi : to finance something anew
paying off one loan by obtaining another; refinancing is generally done to secure better loan terms (like a lower interest rate).
1 : to put (a writing) into a corrected form that more accurately reflects the agreement of the parties [allows a writing signed by mistake to be ed "W. M. McGovern, Jr. et al."] compare ratify 2 : ...
Reform School
: a reformatory for boys or girls
: the act or an instance of reforming ;specif : the equitable remedy of reforming a writing (as a deed or contract) and enforcing it as reformed NOTE: Reformation is allowed primarily to correct ...
pl: -ries : a penal institution to which esp. young or first offenders are committed for training and reformation
: an individual seeking refuge or asylum ;esp : an individual who has left his or her native country and is unwilling or unable to return to it because of persecution or fear of persecution (as ...
Refugee Approvals
The number of refugees approved for admission to the United States during a fiscal year.
Refugee Arrivals
The number of refugees admitted to the United States through ports of entry during a fiscal year.
Refugee Authorized Admissions
The maximum number of refugees allowed to enter the United States in a given fiscal year.
Refund Annuity
see annuity
1 regulation 2 register
: a system of principles, rules, or regulations for administration (as of property) [the mandatory consecutive sentencing "People v. Garcia, 642 N.E.2d 1077 (1994)"] [community property ] used esp. ...
[Anglo-French registre, from Medieval Latin registrum, alteration of Late Latin regesta, pl., register, from Latin, neuter plural of regestus, past participle of regerere to bring back, pile up, ...
Registered Bond
see bond
Registered Security
see security
also reg·is·ter·able [-stə-rə-bəl] adj : capable of being registered
: a person who registers or is registered
: an official recorder or keeper of records
1 : the act of registering 2 : an entry in a register 3 : a document certifying an act of registering
Registration Statement
: a detailed public disclosure of the terms and conditions of a public offering of a new issue of stock by a corporation NOTE: A registration statement is required by the Securities and Exchange ...
pl: -tries 1 : registration [an instrument filed for in the conveyance records "Louisiana Civil Code"] 2 : the nationality of a ship according to its entry in a register 3 : a place of ...
Registry Date
Aliens who have continuously resided in the United States since January 1, 1972, are of good moral character, and are not inadmissible, are eligible to adjust to legal permanent resident status under ...
Regular Income
: income (as wages or pension benefits) that is received at fixed or uniform intervals
Regular Session
: a session (as of a court) that is designated to happen at fixed intervals or specified times
-lat·ed -lat·ing 1 : to govern or direct according to rule 2 a : to bring under the control of law b : to make regulations for or concerning
1 : the act of regulating or state of being regulated 2 : an authoritative rule ;specif : a rule or order issued by a government agency and often having the force of law see also Administrative ...
Regulation D
: a regulation of the Securities and Exchange Commission governing the limited offer and sale (as by a private offering) of unregistered securities
Regulation J
: a regulation of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System governing the collection of checks and other cash and noncash items and the handling of returned checks by Federal Reserve banks ...
Regulation Q
: a regulation of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System prohibiting member banks from paying interest on demand deposits
Regulation T
: a regulation of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System regulating the extension of credit by and to securities brokers and dealers and imposing initial margin requirements and payment ...
Regulation U
: a regulation of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System imposing credit restrictions on banks that extend credit for the purpose of buying or carrying margin stock if the credit is ...
Regulation X
: a regulation of the Department of Housing and Urban Development that implements the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
Regulation Z
: a regulation of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System that implements the federal Truth in Lending Act as to member banks
: one (as a government agency) that regulates
1 : of or relating to regulation 2 : making or concerned with making regulations
Regulatory Agency
see agency
Regulatory Offense
: a violation of a regulation that is not part of a criminal code and that carries the punishment of a fine or imprisonment : administrative crime called also regulatory crime
Regulatory Search
see search
Regulatory Taking
: an appropriation or diminution of private property rights by a governmental regulation which exceeds the government's legitimate police power (as the power to enact safety regulations) and for ...
-tat·ed -tat·ing 1 : to restore to a former capacity ;specif : to restore credibility to (a witness or testimony) [the State simply brought out all of the prior statements to qualify or ...
Rehabilitation Mortgage
a mortgage that covers the costs of rehabilitating (repairing or Improving) a property; some rehabilitation mortgages - like the FHA's 203(k) - allow a borrower to roll the costs of rehabilitation and ...
-heard [-hərd] -hear·ing : to consider again or anew after decision or dismissal in the same or another forum : hold an additional hearing about [would defer to an arbitrator's decision ...
: a reconsideration of a cause (as an appeal) after final decision or dismissal usually by the same tribunal that is usually granted due to some error in the original hearing and that may encompass ...
-bursed -burs·ing 1 : to pay back (a sum lost or expended) to someone [will the court costs] 2 : to make restoration or payment of an equivalent to [ the employee for travel expenses] ...
in the civil law of Louisiana : to inscribe (as a mortgage) again esp. after expiration of the period of inscription (as ten years) NOTE: A recorded mortgage or document creating a privilege is ...
Reinstatement Period
a phase of the foreclosure process where the homeowner has an opportunity to stop the foreclosure by paying money that is owed to the lender.
: insurance or indemnification by a second insurer of all or part of a risk assumed by another insurer as contracted for by the first insurer see also cede compare direct insurance, retrocession
: to insure again : transfer or assume (liability) through reinsurance [frequently part of their exposure "R. I. Mehr"]
: an insurance company that insures all or part of the liability of another insurance company
1 : to invest again or anew 2 a : to invest (as income from investments) in additional securities b : to invest (as earnings) in a business rather than distribute as dividends or profits
Reissue Patent
: a patent that is issued to fix defects (as invalid claims) of an original patent and that replaces and is granted for the remainder of the term of the original patent
real estate investment trust
: to refuse to accept, acknowledge, or grant compare revoke
: the act or an instance of rejecting: as a : a refusal to accept an offer b : a refusal to accept nonconforming goods as performance of a contract NOTE: Rejection and revocation are two remedies ...
[Anglo-French, from rejoindre rejoinder to make rejoinder, literally, to join again, meet, from Old French, from re- again + joindre to join] : an answer to a reply ;specif : the defendant's answer ...
Relate Back
re·lat·ed back re·lat·ing back : to apply or take effect retroactively esp. based on relation back [the amendment relates back to the date of the original pleading "Federal Rules ...
Relation Back
: the assigning of a prior date (as the date of execution of a document) to an act (as filing of a document and esp. a pleading) as the time of its effect esp. to avoid a time limit [the relation ...
1 : not absolute 2 in the civil law of Louisiana : having or allowing some legal effect [a impediment] [a simulation] see also relative nullity at nullity rel·a·tive·ly adv
Relative Nullity
see nullity
: a party other than the plaintiff upon whose information, knowledge, or relation of facts an action is brought when the right to bring the action is vested in another: as a : the private person who ...
re·leased re·leas·ing 1 a : to relieve or free from obligation, liability, or responsibility [the debtor is released from all dischargeable debts] b : to give up (a claim, title, or ...
: the quality or state of being relevant : relation to the matter at hand [ruled on the of the testimony] [ in discovery has been broadly interpreted]
pl: -cies : relevance
1 : tending logically to prove or disprove a fact of consequence or to make the fact more or less probable and thereby aiding the trier of fact in making a decision [determined that the evidence was ...
Relevant Evidence
see evidence
1 : the act of relying [ on a promise] 2 : reliance interest at interest
Reliance Interest
see interest
[Latin relictio act of leaving behind, from relinquere to leave behind] 1 : the gradual recession of water leaving land permanently uncovered 2 : land uncovered by reliction compare accretion
: redress, assistance, or protection given by law esp. from a court [should state what the plaintiff seeks]: as a : release from obligation or duty [ from judgment] b : an order from a court ...
re·lieved re·liev·ing : to set free from a duty, burden, or liability [cannot be relieved of his negligence] [the trust cannot the trustees of those very basic duties that the law ...
-gat·ed -gat·ing vt : to litigate (a case or a matter) again or anew vi : to litigate a case or a matter again or anew re·lit·i·ga·tion ...
re·lied re·ly·ing : to depend with confidence : place faith
[Anglo-French, from Old French remaindre to remain] 1 : an estate in property in favor of one other than the grantor that follows upon the natural termination of a prior intervening possessory estate ...
pl: -men [-men, -mən] : one who has received or is to or may receive a remainder
Remaining Balance
the amount of principal that has not yet been repaid.
Remaining Term
the original amortization term minus the number of payments that have been applied.
[Anglo-French remander, from Middle French, to order back, from Late Latin remandare to send back word, from Latin re- back + mandare to order] vt 1 : to return (a case or matter) from one court to ...
: capable of being remedied re·me·di·a·bil·i·ty [-mē-dē-ə-bi-lə-tē] n
1 a : intended as or providing a remedy b : concerned with the correction, removal, or abatement of an evil, defect, or disease [ treatment of an inmate to improve behavior] [a workers' compensation ...
Remedial Action
: an action taken to effect long-term restoration of environmental quality (as under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act) compare removal action
: to make the target of remedial action [the commissioner of environmental protection…shall conduct remedial actions necessary to the pollution at or on the site "General Statutes of ...
1 : the act or process of remedying 2 : the act or process of remediating
pl: -dies : the means to enforce a right or to prevent or obtain redress for a wrong : the relief (as damages, restitution, specific performance, or an injunction) that may be given or ordered by a ...
[real estate mortgage investment conduit] : an entity (as a corporation, partnership, or trust) that functions as a vehicle for investment in mortgage obligations and esp. collateralized mortgage ...
re·mised re·mis·ing [Middle French remis, past participle of remettre to put back, from Latin remittere to send back] : to give, grant, or release a claim to
: the act or process of remitting
re·mit·ted re·mit·ting [Latin remittere to let go back, send back, give up, forgive, from re- back + mittere to let go, send] vt 1 a : to release from the guilt or penalty of b : ...
1 a : a sum of money remitted b : an instrument by which money is remitted 2 : transmittal of money (as to a distant place)
[Anglo-French, from remitter to remit] : remittitur
[Latin, it is sent back, remitted, third person singular present indicative passive of remittere to send back, remit] 1 a : a procedure under which a court may order the reduction of an excessive ...
: an earnest presentation of reasons in opposition to something ;specif : a document formally stating points of opposition or grievance
re·mot·er -est 1 a : far removed in space, time, or relation [ancestors of a more degree] b : exceeding the time allowed under the rule against perpetuities for the vesting of interests ...
Remote Cause
see cause
: the act or process of removing : the fact of being removed
Removal Action
: an action under environmental legislation and esp. under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act that involves short-term abatement of pollution (as removal of ...
re·moved re·mov·ing vt : to change the location, position, station, status, or residence of: as a : to have (an action) transferred from one court to another and esp. from a state ...
1 : to transmit to another : deliver 2 : to furnish for consideration, approval, or information: as a : hand down [ a judgment] b : to agree on and report (a verdict) compare enter 3 : to give ...
1 : the act or result of rendering [the Court's of judgment] 2 : extradition of a fugitive who has fled to another state
Rendition Warrant
see warrant
: capable of being renegotiated : subject to renegotiation
: to negotiate again (as for more money or to adjust interest rates or repayments) ;specif : to determine under statutory procedure the existence and amount of excess profits on (a government ...
1 : to make like new : restore to freshness, vigor, or perfection ;specif : to prevent the lapse of (a judgment) due to expiration of a statute of limitations 2 : to do or state again [ed his ...
1 : the act or process of renewing [a of the copyright] 2 : the quality or state of being renewed 3 : something renewed 4 : something used for renewing ;specif : an expenditure that betters ...
Renewal Note
see note
re·nounced re·nounc·ing vt 1 : to announce one's abandonment or giving up of a right to or interest in : disclaim [ an inheritance] 2 : to refuse to follow, obey, or recognize any ...
1 a : a return made by a tenant or occupant of real property to the owner for possession and use thereof ;esp : a sum of money agreed upon between a landlord and tenant for the use of real property ...
Rent Control
: government regulation of the amount charged as rent for housing and often also of eviction rent-con·trolled adj
Rent Strike
: a refusal by a group of tenants to pay rent (as in protest against high rates)
1 : an amount paid or collected as rent 2 : something that is rented 3 : an act of renting 4 : a business that rents something
[French, from rente income from a property, rent] : a person who lives on income from property or securities
: the act or practice of renouncing ;specif : the act of refusing to continue to acknowledge, recognize, or be bound by a contract or obligation : repudiation
[French, act of sending back, reference, from Middle French, from renvoyer to send back] : the reference of a matter involving a conflict of laws to the law of the foreign jurisdiction involved ...
1 : to take up again [ discussion] 2 : to resume the discussion or consideration of (a closed matter) [ the contract to negotiate benefits] 3 : to try or hear (an action) anew esp. for the purpose ...
: reopening clause
Reopening Clause
: a clause in a collective bargaining agreement providing for reconsideration of an issue (as wages) during the life of the agreement
1 : the act of reorganizing : the state of being reorganized 2 a : the rehabilitation of the finances of a business in accordance with a plan approved by a bankruptcy court under the provisions of ...
Reorganization Plan
: a plan submitted for approval to a bankruptcy court by a corporation seeking to reorganize under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code that sets out the proposed restructuring
-nized -niz·ing vt : to rearrange the plan or structure of : organize again or anew ;specif : to cause (a business) to undergo a reorganization vi : to reorganize something
1 report, reporter 2 representative 3 republic
1 a : the act of making amends, offering expiation, or giving satisfaction for a wrong or injury b : something done or given as amends or satisfaction 2 : the payment of damages ;specif : ...
Repayment Plan
an agreement between a lender and a delinquent borrower where the borrower agrees to make additional payments to pay down past due amounts while making regularly scheduled payments.
[Anglo-French repeler, from Old French, from re- back + apeler to appeal, call, from Latin appellare to address, entreat, call by name] : to rescind or annul by authoritative act ;esp : to revoke or ...
: a legislative act or clause in an act that repeals an earlier act
Repealing Clause
: a clause in a statute repealing a previous enactment
Repeat Offender
: a person who has been convicted of a crime on more than one occasion
: a method used to avoid or discourage a hostile corporate takeover
1 a : the act of replacing : the state of being replaced b : an insurer's option under a policy to replace or repair damaged property rather than pay the insured for the loss 2 : something that ...
Replacement Cost
: the cost of replacing property with property of like kind and equal quality or effectiveness
[Anglo-French replevine, from replevir to give security, from Old French, to give security for, from re- back + plevir to pledge] : an action originating in common law and now largely codified by ...
Replevin Bond
see bond
: the plaintiff in a replevin action
pl: re·plev·ies : replevin
[Anglo-French, from Middle French, from Late Latin replicatio, from Latin, action of folding back, from replicare to fold back] : reply
: a plaintiff's or complainant's response to a plea, allegation, or counterclaim in the defendant's answer
Reply Brief
: a brief that is filed with the plaintiff's reply and that sets forth the arguments in support thereof
pl: repos 1 : repurchase agreement 2 : repossession
: a usually detailed account or statement: as a : an account or statement of the facts of a case heard and of the decision and opinion of the court or of a quasi-judicial tribunal determining the ...
Report Out
: to return after consideration and often with revisions to a legislative body for action [after much debate the committee reported the bill out]
: required by law to be reported [ income]
: one that reports: as a : one who makes authorized statements and publications of court decisions or legislative proceedings ;also : a publication in which such reports are reproduced see also ...
Reporter's Privilege
see privilege
Reporting Pay
: payment made to a worker who reports for work without having previously been told that no work is available
: to regain possession of ;esp : to take possession of again by judicial process or self-help upon default of the payment of installments due compare foreclose, seize re·pos·ses·sor ...
: the act or an instance of repossessing
1 : to substitute in some capacity for : act the part of, in place of, or for (as another person) usually by legal right: as a : to serve esp. in a legislative body by delegated authority usually ...
1 : one that represents: as a : a statement or account made to influence opinion or action compare warranty b : an incidental or collateral statement of fact on the faith of which a contract is ...
1 : serving to represent 2 a : standing or acting for another esp. through delegated authority [an agent acting in a capacity] b : of, based on, or constituting a government in which the people are ...
Representative Party
a party who sues on behalf of the class in a class action. The claims or defenses of the representative party must be typical of the class, and the representative party must protect the interests of ...
re·prieved re·priev·ing [alteration of earlier repry to send back (to prison), return to custody, perhaps from Anglo-French repris, past participle of reprendre to take back, from Old ...
[Anglo-French reprisaile reprisaille, from Middle French, from Old Italian ripresaglia, from ripreso, past participle of riprendere to take back, from ri- back + prendere to take, from Latin ...
1 : a government having a chief of state who is not a monarch and who in modern times is usually a president ;also : a political unit (as a nation) having such a form of government 2 : a government ...
1 : the act or an instance of republishing 2 : the state of being republished
1 : to publish again or anew [ing the defamatory statements] 2 : to execute (a will) anew usually through the execution of a codicil incorporating the will by reference and with the result of ...
-at·ed -at·ing : to disavow or reject an obligation (as a debt) or duty (as performance under a contract) ;specif : to indicate an inability or unwillingness to perform as promised under ...
: a party to a contract that has been repudiated by another party to the contract
: the rejection or renunciation of a duty or obligation (as under a contract) ;esp : anticipatory repudiation NOTE: A party aggrieved by a repudiation may consider a repudiated contract to have ...
pl: -cies 1 : the quality or fact of being inconsistent, irreconcilable, or in disagreement ;specif : a contradiction or inconsistency between sections of a legal instrument (as a contract or ...
: characterized by contradiction and irreconcilability [the arbitrator's decision was not to the Act "M. A. Kelly"]
Repugnant Verdict
see verdict
-chased -chas·ing : to buy back [ shares of stock]
Repurchase Agreement
: a contract giving the seller of securities (as Treasury bills) the right to repurchase after a stated period and the buyer the right to retain interest earnings
: overall quality or character as seen or judged by people in general within a community see also character evidence at evidence reputation testimony at testimony
Reputation Testimony
see testimony
: of or relating to reputation [a injury caused by the libel]
Request For Admission
:a written request served upon another party to an action (as under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 36) asking that the party admit the truth of certain matters relevant to the action called also ...
Request For Instructions
:a written request setting forth instructions that the submitting party requests the court use in instructing the jury
Request For Production
:a discovery request served by one party to an action on another (as under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 34) for the presentation for inspection of specified documents or tangible things or for ...
Request To Admit
:request for admission
Requests For Admission
a form of discovery in which one party asks another to admit or deny the truth of facts or the genuineness of documents.
Requests For Production Of Documents
a form of discovery in which one party requests that another make certain documents and other objects available for inspection and copying.
Required Departure
See Voluntary Departure.
Required Records Doctrine
: a doctrine holding that the privilege against self-incrimination does not apply to business records that are customarily kept in accordance with government regulation and that have aspects such ...
Requirements Contract
see contract
1 : the taking of property by a public authority for a public use : the exercise of the power of eminent domain 2 : a formal demand made by one international jurisdiction (as a nation) upon another ...
[Latin] 1 : a thing (as a property, interest, or status) as opposed to a person that is the object of rights and esp. that is the subject matter of litigation [a court with jurisdiction over the of ...
Res Adjudicata
[Late Latin] : res judicata
Res Gestae
[Latin, things done, deeds] 1 : the acts, facts, circumstances, statements, or occurrences that form the environment of a main act or event and esp. of a crime and are so closely connected to it that ...
Res Inter Alios Acta
[Late Latin, literally, thing done among others] : something transacted between other parties NOTE: This term is used in reference to matters not involving the same parties as those in litigation. ...
Res Ipsa
: res ipsa loquitur
Res Ipsa Loquitur
also res ipsa lo·qui·tor [-lō-kwə-tər] n [Latin, the thing speaks for itself] : a doctrine or rule of evidence in tort law that permits an inference or presumption that a ...
Res Judicata
[Latin, judged matter] 1 : a thing, matter, or determination that is adjudged or final: as a : a claim, issue, or cause of action that is settled by a judgment conclusive as to the rights, ...
Res Nova
[Latin, new matter] : a case or issue that has never before been decided by a court [plaintiff admits this case is res nova in Alabama "McDermott v. Hambright, 238 So. 2d 876 (1970)"]
: the act or an instance of selling again ;specif : the selling of goods again by the same seller by right and after a breach by the original buyer [a purchaser who buys in good faith at a takes the ...
Resale Price Maintenance
: a form of illegal price-fixing in which a manufacturer compels different retailers to resell a product at the same price and thereby prevents competition
[Latin rescindere to cut loose, annul, from re- away, back + scindere to cut, split] vt 1 : to take back and make void [ed its suspension of his license] 2 : to abrogate (a contract or transaction) ...
: the act, process, or fact of rescinding esp. a contract ;specif : the equitable judicial remedy of rescinding a contract in a suit brought by one of the parties compare reformation ...
Rescue Doctrine
: a common-law doctrine that permits a plaintiff to recover from a party whose negligence was the proximate cause of a peril from which the plaintiff reasonably undertook to rescue a third party ...
: to sentence again
1 : the act or an instance of reserving [ of rights] 2 : the creation by and for a grantor of a new right or interest (as an easement) in real property granted to another ;also : the right or ...
re·served re·serv·ing : to keep back or set apart: as a : to keep (a right, power, or interest) esp. by express declaration [all rights reserved] compare waive b : to defer a ...
Reserve Price
: a price announced at an auction as the lowest that will be considered
Reserved Powers
see power
Permanent relocation of refugees in a place outside their country of origin to allow them to establish residence and become productive members of society there. Refugee resettlement is accomplished ...
1 : the act or fact of living in a place 2 a : the place where one actually lives as distinguished from a domicile or place of temporary sojourn [a person can have more than one but only one ...
pl: -cies 1 : an often official place of residence 2 : the condition of being a resident of a particular place
: one who has a residence in a particular place but does not necessarily have the status of a citizen compare citizen, domiciliary resident adj
Resident Alien
Applies to non-U.S. citizens currently residing in the United States. The term is applied in three different manners; please see Permanent Resident, Conditional Resident, and Returning Resident
pl of residuum
: of, relating to, or constituting a residue : residuary
Residual Estate
: residuary estate at estate
: of, relating to, consisting of, or constituting a residue
Residuary Clause
: a clause in a will disposing of a residue
Residuary Devise
see devise
Residuary Estate
see estate
Residuary Legacy
see legacy
Residuary Legatee
: one designated to receive the residue of an estate
: something that remains after a part is taken, separated, or designated ;specif : the part of a testator's estate remaining after the satisfaction of all debts, charges, taxes, and legacies other ...
pl: re·sid·ua [-jə-wə] [Latin] : residue [a lapsed or void legacy of personal property shall fall into the and go to the residuary legatee "Official Code of Georgia Annotated"]
Residuum Rule
: a rule requiring that the decision or order of an administrative agency be supported by at least a small amount of evidence which is not inadmissible hearsay in order to be upheld on review NOTE: ...
1 : a formal expression of opinion, will, or intention voted by an official body (as a legislature) or assembled group see also concurrent resolution, joint resolution 2 : an expression or document ...
[Late Latin resolutorius dissolving, from Latin resolvere to loosen, dissolve, break up, from re- away, back + solvere to loosen, release] : operating to annul or terminate
Resolutory Condition
see condition
re·solved re·solv·ing vt 1 : to deal with successfully : clear up [ a dispute] 2 a : to declare or decide by formal resolution and vote b : to change by resolution or formal vote ...
Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act; a law protecting consumers from abuses during the residential real estate purchase and loan process by requiring lenders to disclose all settlement costs, ...
in the civil law of Louisiana : a judicially approved or enforced agreement that provides a debtor with time or a delay for the payment of creditors
Respondeat Superior
[Medieval Latin, let the superior give answer] : a doctrine in tort law that makes a master liable for the wrong of a servant ;specif : the doctrine making an employer or principal liable for the ...
: one who answers or defends in various proceedings: as a : an answering party in an equitable proceeding b : a party against whom a petition (as for a writ of habeas corpus) seeking relief is ...
[New Latin, from Latin respondent- respondens, present participle of respondere to answer, correspond; from the fact that the loan is only a personal obligation on the part of the borrower who must ...
1 a : liable to be called on to answer b : liable to be called to account as the primary cause, motive, or agent c : liable to legal review or in case of fault to penalties 2 : characterized by ...
Responsive Pleading
see pleading
Responsive Verdict
see verdict
: to bring to an end voluntarily the introduction of evidence in a case [the defense s] vt : to cease presenting evidence pertinent to (a case) [I my case]
: any of several volumes produced by the American Law Institute and authored by legal scholars and experts that set forth statements of major areas of law (as contracts, torts, trusts, and property) ...
1 a : a restoration of something to its rightful owner b : a making good of or giving an equivalent for some injury 2 a : the equitable remedy of restoring to an aggrieved party that which was ...
1 a : to prevent from doing something see also restraining order at order b : to limit, restrict, or keep under control 2 : to moderate or limit the force, effect, development, or full exercise of ...
Restraining Order
see order
1 a : an act or fact of restraining see also prior restraint b : the state of being restrained 2 a : a means of restraining b : a device that restricts movement (as of prisoners or violent ...
Restraint Of Trade
1 : an act, fact, or means of curbing the free flow of commerce or trade [covenant not to compete with an employer after leaving is in restraint of trade and must be reasonable to be enforced] 2 : ...
Restraint On Alienation
:something that serves to prevent a party from alienating property ;specif : a provision in an instrument (as a deed or will) that purports to prohibit or penalize the use of the power of alienation ...
1 : to subject to bounds or limits [ the height of buildings] [ visitation rights] 2 : to place under restrictions as to use or distribution [ed the land to recreational use]
: subject or subjected to restriction [a area] [ use]
Restricted Security
see security
1 : something that restricts: as a : a regulation that restricts or restrains b : a limitation on the use or enjoyment of property or a facility 2 a : an act of restricting b : the state of being ...
1 a : of or relating to restriction b : serving or tending to restrict 2 : prohibiting further negotiation re·stric·tive·ly adv re·stric·tive·ness n
Restrictive Covenant
1 : a covenant acknowledged in a deed or lease that restricts the free use or occupancy of property (as by forbidding commercial use or types of structures) [one who purchases for value and without ...
Restrictive Endorsement
see endorsement
-tured -tur·ing vt : to change the makeup, organization, or pattern of [ a corporation] [companies trying to their debt "Claudia MacLachlan"] vi : to restructure something
: the act or process of changing the structure of something (as a corporation or its ownership of securities)
Resulting Trust
see trust
Resulting Use
see use
1 : to keep in possession or use 2 : to keep in one's pay or service ;specif : to employ (as a lawyer) by paying a retainer
: a percentage of a contract price retained from a contractor as assurance that subcontractors will be paid and that the job will be completed
Retained Earnings
: earned surplus at surplus
[Anglo-French retener act of engaging or employing, from retener retenir to engage, retain] 1 : the act of a client by which the services of a lawyer are engaged 2 : a fee paid to a lawyer for ...
Retainer Agreement
A contract between the client and attorney sets forth the nature of services to be performed, costs, expenses, and related matters.
Retaining Lien
see lien
-at·ed -at·ing : to act in revenge re·tal·i·a·tion [-ta-lē-ā-shən] n re·tal·i·a·tive [-ta-lē-ā-tiv] adj ...
Retaliatory Discharge
see discharge
Retaliatory Eviction
see eviction
1 : the act of retaining or the state of being retained 2 : the portion of the insurance on a particular risk not reinsured or ceded by the originating insurer
re·tired re·tir·ing vi : to withdraw from an action [the jury retired for deliberations] vt : to withdraw from circulation or from the market [ a loan] [ stock]
: an act of taking back or withdrawing [ of a confession] [her of the defamatory statement]
[Latin, he/she has withdrawn] : the withdrawing of a suit in court by the plaintiff that results in a dismissal with prejudice
: the act or process of withdrawing from a dangerous situation NOTE: Many jurisdictions require that a person must have at least attempted a retreat, if it was possible to do so with safety, in order ...
: a trial of a matter already tried NOTE: A retrial is barred by double jeopardy following a mistrial for which there was no manifest necessity.
: punishment imposed (as on a convicted criminal) for purposes of repayment or revenge for the wrong committed
: of, relating to, or marked by retribution [ justice] re·trib·u·tive·ly adv
: extending in scope or effect to a prior time or to conditions that existed or originated in the past ;esp : made effective as of a date prior to enactment, promulgation, or imposition [a tax] see ...
[French rétrocession, from Medieval Latin retrocessio retreat, from Late Latin, act of going back, from Latin retrocedere to go back] 1 : the return of title to property to its former or true ...
Sometimes a case that is current one month will not be current the next month. This occurs when the annual numerical limit has been reached. This usually happens near the end of a fiscal year (October ...
: affecting things past : retroactive ;specif : of, relating to, or being a law that takes away or impairs vested rights, creates new duties or obligations, or attaches new disabilities with ...
re·tried re·try·ing : to try again
1 a : to give (an official account or report) to a superior (as by a list or statement) [ the names of all residents in the ward] [ a list of jurors] b : to bring back (as a writ, verdict, or ...
Return Day
: a day when a return is to be made: as a : a day on which the defendant in an action or proceeding is to appear in court (as for arraignment) b : a day on which the defendant in an action must ...
Return Of Service
:proof of service
Return On Average Common Equity
net income available to common stockholders, as a percentage of average common stockholder equity.
Returning Resident
Any Lawful Permanent Resident who has been outside the United States and is returning to the U.S. Also defined as a "special immigrant." If outside of the U.S. for more than 180 days, must apply for ...
Returning Residents
Lawful permanent residents who want to return to the United States after staying abroad more than one year or beyond the expiration of their re-entry permits.
Rev. Rul.
Revenue Ruling
Rev. Stat.
revised statutes
Revalidation Or Renewal Of A Visa
Nonimmigrant visa applicants who currently have a visa, and are seeking renewal or revalidation of their visa for future travel to the U.S. must apply abroad, generally in their country of residence. ...
-cat·ed -cat·ing [back-formation from revendication, from French, from Middle French, probably from revendiguer to revendicate, from re- back + vendiguer to lay claim to something, from ...
often attrib 1 : the total income produced by a given source [a property expected to yield a large annual ] 2 : the gross income returned by an investment 3 : the yield of sources of income (as ...
Revenue Bill
see bill
Revenue Bond
see bond
Revenue Law
: a law relating to the imposition or collection of taxes to defray the expenses of government
Revenue Ruling
: an official interpretation of a tax law by the Internal Revenue Service that is published to provide guidance esp. to taxpayers and IRS officials
Revenue Stamp
: a stamp for use as evidence of a tax (as on a package of cigarettes, a proprietary article, or a mortgage or deed) : tax stamp
1 : an act or the process of reversing 2 : an instance of reversing [the of the lower court's decision]
re·versed re·vers·ing vt : to set aside or make void (a judgment or decision) by a contrary decision compare affirm vi : to reverse a decision or judgment [for these reasons, we ] ...
Reverse Discrimination
: discrimination against whites or males (as in employment or education)
Reverse Mortgage
see mortgage
Reverse Mortgage (Hecm)
the reverse mortgage is used by senior homeowners age 62 and older to convert the equity in their home into monthly streams of income and/or a line of credit to be repaid when they no longer occupy ...
Reverse Palming Off
: the wrongful misappropriation of another's goods or services by removing the correct name or trademark and selling or offering the goods under a different name
Reverse Stock Split
: a method of increasing the value of shares of corporate stock by calling in all outstanding shares and reissuing fewer shares having greater value compare stock split
Reversible Error
see error
[Anglo-French, from Middle French, from Latin reversio act of turning back, from revertere to turn back] 1 : the returning of an estate upon its termination to the former owner or to his or her ...
Reversionary Interest
see interest
: one that has or is entitled to a reversion ;broadly : someone having a vested right to a future estate
1 : to come or go back (as to a former status or state) [if the donee of a general power fails to exercise it…the appointive assets to the donor's estate "W. M. McGovern, Jr. et al."] 2 : to ...
[Anglo-French, from reverter to return, from Old French revertir to return, revert, from Latin revertere to turn back] 1 : reversion 2 : possibility of reverter NOTE: Although reversion and ...
: to vest again or anew
: a judicial reexamination and reconsideration of the legality or constitutionality of something (as the proceedings of a lower tribunal or a legislative enactment or governmental action) see also ...
: an act or instance of reviving
re·vived re·viv·ing : to restore the force, effect, or validity of (as a contract, will, action, or judgment)
: capable of being revoked
Revocable Trust
see trust
: an act or instance of revoking
Revocation Of A Visa
Cancellation of a visa. The visa is no longer good (valid) for travel to the United States.
Revocation Of Probation
a court's order that a probationer or supervised releasee who has violated one or more conditions of probation or supervised release can no longer serve his or her sentence in the community and must ...
: of, relating to, or effecting a revocation [a instrument]
Revocatory Action
in the civil law of Louisiana : an action brought by a creditor seeking to have set aside a contract made by his or her debtor that increases the debtor's insolvency
re·voked re·vok·ing : to annul by recalling or taking back: as a : to destroy the effectiveness of (a will) by executing another or by an act of destruction (as tearing or crossing ...
Revolving Credit
: a credit which may be used repeatedly up to the limit specified after partial or total repayments have been made
re·zoned re·zon·ing : to zone again or anew
Richard Roe
: a male party to a legal proceeding whose true identity is unknown or whose true name is being withheld ;esp : the second of two such parties compare jane roe, john doe
Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (Act) see also the Important Laws section
Rico (Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organization Act)
A federal (or state) law designed to investigate, control and prosecute organized crime, and to combat the infiltration of organized crime into legitimate business.
1 : an addition to a document (as an insurance policy) often attached on a separate piece of paper 2 : a clause or provision appended to a legislative bill to obtain a usually distinct object
[Old English riht, from riht righteous] 1 a : qualities (as adherence to duty or obedience to lawful authority) that together constitute the ideal of moral propriety or merit moral approval b : ...
Right Heir
see heir
Right Of Action
1 : a right to begin and prosecute an action in the courts (as for the purpose of enforcing a right or redressing a wrong) 2 : chose in action at chose
Right Of Common
:profit a prendre
Right Of Entry
1 a : the legal right of taking or resuming possession of real property in a peaceable manner b : power of termination at power c : the legal right to enter upon real property of another for a ...
Right Of Petition
:a right guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to petition the government for a redress of grievances
Right Of Privacy
:the right of a person to be free from intrusion into or publicity concerning matters of a personal nature called also right to privacy compare invasion of privacy NOTE: Although not explicitly ...
Right Of Publicity
:the right to prevent unauthorized use of one's name or likeness by a third person for commercial benefit
Right Of Redemption
:the right to regain ownership of property by freeing it from a debt, charge, or lien (as by paying to the creditor what is due to release the secured property) ;specif : a mortgagor's statutory ...
Right Of Reentry
:power of termination at power
Right Of Survivorship
:the right of the survivor of owners of property held jointly to take the entire property ;esp : the right of the survivor of joint tenants to sole ownership of the entire property
Right Of Use
in the civil law of Louisiana : a personal servitude conferring a specified use of an estate that is less than full enjoyment
Right Of Way
1 : an easement or servitude over another's land conferring a right of passage 2 a : the area over which a right of way exists b : the strip of land over which is built a public road c : the land ...
Right To Privacy
:right of privacy
Right To Remain Silent
see privilege against self-incrimination.
: of, relating to, or being a law requiring businesses (as chemical manufacturers) producing or importing hazardous substances to provide information about the substances to the community and inform ...
: of, relating to, or being a law prohibiting labor agreements that require all employees to be union members
Right-Wrong Test
: m'naghten test
Rights Arbitration
see arbitration
: a disturbance of the peace created by an assemblage of usually three or more people acting with a common purpose and in a violent and tumultuous manner to the terror of the public ;also : the ...
Riot Gun
: a small arm used to disperse rioters rather than to inflict serious injury or death ;esp : a short-barreled shotgun
1 : of the nature of a riot [ conduct] 2 : participating in a riot [a assemblage] ri·ot·ous·ly adv ri·ot·ous·ness n
: of or relating to or living or located on the bank of a watercourse (as a river or stream) or sometimes a lake ;broadly : of or relating to or living or located on the bank of a body of water ...
Riparian Right
: the right of one owning riparian land to have access to and use of the shore and water
1 : of, relating to, or being a claim for relief that is ready for judicial resolution because the injury is certain to occur and is not merely hypothetical or speculative compare moot 2 : ready and ...
Ripeness Doctrine
: a doctrine prohibiting federal courts from exercising jurisdiction over a case until an actual controversy is presented involving a threat of injury that is real and immediate
1 a : possibility of loss or injury b : liability for loss or injury if it occurs [the of loss passes to the buyer when the goods are duly delivered to the carrier "Uniform Commercial Code"] [the of ...
Risk Based Capital
an amount of capital needed to offset losses during a ten-year period with adverse circumstances.
Risk Based Pricing
Fee structure used by creditors based on risks of granting credit to a borrower with a poor credit history.
Risk Capital
see capital
Risk Scoring
an automated way to analyze a credit report verses a manual review. It takes into account late payments, outstanding debt, credit experience, and number of inquiries in an unbiased manner.
Risk-Utility Test
: a test used in product liability cases to determine whether a manufacturer is liable for injury to a consumer because the risk of danger created by the product's design outweighs the benefits of ...
request for judicial intervention
: a road barricade set up by law enforcement officers esp. for the purpose of detecting criminal activity
pl: -ber·ies [Anglo-French robberie roberie, from Old French, from rober to take something away from a person by force] : the unlawful taking away of personal property from a person by violence ...
: the legal profession ;esp : the position of a judge usually used with the [[his]…decision to decline the "H. B. Zobel"]
Acronym for return on investment. ROI refers to the amount of profits or savings a business will realize from any given use of money.
1 : a document containing an official record 2 : an official list [the public relief s]: as a : a list of members of a legislative body [the clerk called the and recorded the votes] b : a list of ...
Roll Call
: the act or an instance of calling off a list of names (as for checking attendance) ;specif : an act or instance of calling the roll of a legislative body to determine if there is a quorum or to ...
Roll Over
1 a : to defer payment of (an obligation) b : to renegotiate the terms of (a financial agreement) 2 : to place (invested funds) in a new investment of the same kind [roll over IRA funds]
: the act or process of rolling over
: limited partnership rollup transaction
Roman Law
: the legal system of the ancient Romans that includes written and unwritten law, is based on the traditional law and legislation of the assemblies, resolves of the senate, enactments of the ...
: a specialist in the law of ancient Rome
in the civil law of Louisiana : descendant by roots : per stirpes
Round Lot
: the standard unit of trading in a security market usually amounting to 100 shares of stock compare odd lot
pl: -ties 1 : a right delegated (as to an individual or corporation) by a sovereign 2 a : a share of the profit or product reserved by the grantor esp. of an oil or mineral lease compare overriding ...
: an established rule, tradition, or custom
1 a : a prescribed guide for conduct or action b : a regulating principle or precept 2 a : an order or directive issued by a court in a particular proceeding esp. upon petition of a party to the ...
Rule 10b-5
[10b-5 from the section of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 pursuant to which the rule was formulated] : a rule adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission in furtherance of the Securities ...
Rule Against Perpetuities
often cap R&P : a common-law rule stating that in order for a future interest to be good it must vest after its creation (as at the death of a testator) within a life in being or lives in being ...
Rule In Shelley's Case
[from Wolfe v. Shelley, a 1581 English case invoking the rule] : a former common-law rule that converted a life estate of an ancestor into an estate in fee and destroyed the remainder to the heirs ...
Rule Of Completeness
:a rule permitting a party to require introduction of the rest of or more of a document or recorded statement that is being used as evidence by the opposing party NOTE: The rule of completeness ...
Rule Of Convenience
:a common-law rule providing that in the interest of convenience and fairness a class (as of descendants) which is to receive a gift need not be closed until the distribution of the principal occurs
Rule Of Court
:a regulation governing practice or procedure in a particular court
Rule Of Decision
:something (as a law, rule of law, body of law, or prior decision) that governs a decision or adjudication [a claim or defense as to which State law supplies the rule of decision "Federal Rules of ...
Rule Of Four
:a rule in the U.S. Supreme Court under which a petition for certiorari will be granted and the case in question reviewed if four of the nine justices so decide
Rule Of Law
1 : an authoritative legal doctrine, principle, or precept applied to the facts of an appropriate case [adopting the rule of law that is most persuasive in light of precedent, reason and policy ...
Rule Of Necessity
:a rule permitting or requiring a judge or other official to adjudicate a case despite bias or personal interest when disqualification would result in the lack of any competent tribunal
Rule Of Reason
:a standard used in restraint of trade actions that requires the plaintiff to show and the factfinder to find that under all the circumstances the practice in question unreasonably restricts ...
: the making of rules ;specif : the quasi-legislative formulation of rules (as regulations) by an administrative agency that must be carried out in line with procedure prescribed by statute (as the ...
Rules Committee
: a committee of a legislative house that determines the rules and procedure for expediting the business of the house and has the power to control the date and extent of debate of a proposed bill and ...
: an official or authoritative determination, decree, statement, or interpretation (as by a judge on a question of law) [followed a previous on the same question] see also revenue ruling compare ...
Ruling Letter
see letter
ran run run·ning 1 a : to be or continue to be in operation or effect b : to proceed toward expiration or effectiveness [statute of limitations began to when she received notice of the injury] ...
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