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: accrual bond at bond
zero bracket amount
Zero Bracket Amount
: a deduction from gross income that was permitted for federal taxpayers and reflected in tax tables until its replacement by the standard deduction in 1986
Zero-Coupon Bond
see bond
Zipper Clause
[from the comparison of such a clause to the closing action of a zipper] : a clause in a labor contract indicating that the agreement is an exclusive and complete expression of consent NOTE: A zipper ...
Zipping is the act of compressing large files into a single file, called a zip file. Zip files take up less storage space so they easy to send via email. Not to be confused with Zip drive, an portable ...
: a specifically designated section of a larger area or territory: as a : a section of a municipality controlled by specific restrictions on permitted use (as for residences or agriculture) b : a ...
Zone Of Danger
:the area within which one is in actual physical peril from the negligent conduct of another person NOTE: Some jurisdictions require that a bystander who witnesses a direct injury to another can only ...
Zone Of Employment
:the area in and around a place of employment that is under the control of the employer NOTE: For workers' compensation purposes, an injury to an employee going to or coming from work in the zone of ...
Zone Of Interest
:the range or category of interests that a statute or constitutional guarantee is intended to protect called also zone of interests NOTE: The interest of a party seeking to enforce a law or guarantee ...
Zone Of Privacy
:an area or aspect of life that is held to be protected from intrusion by a specific constitutional guarantee (as of the right to be secure in one's person, house, papers, or effects against ...
: municipal or county regulation of land use effected through the creation and enforcement of zones under local law
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