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B Loan Or B Paper
FICO scores from 620 - 659. Factors include two 30 day late mortgage payments and two to three 30 day late installment loan payments in the last 12 months. No delinquencies over 60 days are allowed. ...
B Reorganization
see reorganization
Short for the phrase "bona fide occupational qualification," in the employment discrimination context a B.F.O.Q. may absolve an employer from liability for discrimination when there is a legitimate ...
Short for business-to-government, also known as e-government. B2G is the idea that government agencies and businesses can use central Web sites to conduct business and interact with each other more ...
Baby Bond
see bond
Bachelor Of Laws
1 : the lowest degree conferred by a law school in Canada and formerly in the U.S. see also juris doctor 2 : an undergraduate degree in law conferred by a school of law in England and Wales
1 : being overdue or in arrears [ rent] 2 : being retroactive esp. as compensation [reinstated with pay]
Back End Ratio (Debt Ratio)
a ratio that compares the total of all monthly debt payments (mortgage, real estate taxes and insurance, car loans, and other consumer loans) to gross monthly income.
Back Pay
A type of damages award in an employment lawsuit that represents the amount of money the employee would have earned if the employee was not fired or denied a promotion illegally
Back To Back Escrow
arrangements that an owner makes to oversee the sale of one property and the purchase of another at the same time.
Back-end and front-end are expressions that describe programs relative to the user. A front-end program is one that users interact with directly, while a back-end program supports the front-end ...
: not valid : void [ notice] ;esp : not covered by sufficient funds [a check]
Bad Debt
see debt
Bad Debt Expense
An expense account that reflects the amount of your company's accounts that are not collectable, that is the amount of your company's accounts that are "bad debts." A "bad debt expense" account is an ...
Bad Debt Recovery
An account that you "wrote-off" as not collectable, but that was later paid by the customer. When this happens, you must adjust your accounts. Your company's adjusting entries would look something ...
Bad Faith
: intentional deception, dishonesty, or failure to meet an obligation or duty [no evidence of bad faith] compare good faith in bad faith : with or characterized by intentional deception or ...
[Anglo-French, act of handing over, delivery of a prisoner into someone's custody in exchange for security, from bailler to hand over, entrust, from Old French, from Latin bajulare to carry (a ...
Bail Bond
see bond
1 : eligible for bail [a provision that all prisoners are before conviction] 2 : appropriate for or allowing bail [offenses that were not ]
: an individual or entity (as a business organization) having possession of another's personal property under a bailment NOTE: Carriers and warehouses are two examples of bailees. A bailee's ...
[Anglo-French, steward, king's official, from bail stewardship, custody, handing over see bail ] : an officer of some courts in the U.S. whose duties usually include keeping order in the courtroom ...
[Anglo-French bayllment, from bailler to hand over see bail ] : the transfer of possession but not ownership of personal property (as goods) for a limited time or specified purpose (as ...
Bailment For Hire
see bailment
Bailment For Mutual Benefit
:bailment for hire at bailment
: an individual or entity (as a business organization) placing personal property in the possession of another under a bailment
Bait And Switch
: a fraudulent or deceptive sales practice in which a purchaser is attracted by advertisement of a low-priced item but then is encouraged to purchase a higher-priced one called also bait advertising
Balance Sheet
: a statement of financial condition at a given date
Balancing Test
: a test in which opposing rights, interests, or policies are assigned a degree or level of importance and the ruling of the court is determined by which is considered greater NOTE: Balancing tests ...
1 a : the science of the motion of projectiles (as bullets) in flight b : the flight characteristics of a projectile (as a bullet) 2 : the study of the processes within a firearm as it is fired
: being or having a final installment that is much larger than preceding ones in an installment or term loan [a payment] NOTE: In contrast to an amortized loan, a balloon loan is generally repaid in ...
Balloon Loan Or Mortgage
a mortgage that typically offers low rates for an initial period of time (usually 5, 7, or 10) years; after that time period elapses, the balance is due or is refinanced by the borrower.
Balloon Mortgage
see mortgage
Balloon Payment
the final lump sum payment due at the end of a balloon mortgage.
banned ban·ning : to prohibit or forbid esp. by legal means (as by statute or order) [ solicitation] ;also : to prohibit the use, performance, or distribution of [legislation to DDT]
: an organization for the custody, loan, or exchange of money, for the extension of credit, and for facilitating the transmission of funds branch bank : a banking facility that is a separate but ...
Bank Account Trust
see trust
Bank Check
see check
Bank Discount
: the interest that is discounted in advance on a note and computed on the face value of the note
Bank Note
see note
Banker's Acceptance
: a short-term credit instrument issued by an importer's bank that guarantees payment of an exporter's invoice
: the business of a bank or banker
: a debtor (as an individual or organization) whose property is subject to administration under the bankruptcy laws for the benefit of the debtor's creditors [was adjudicated a ] — see also ...
pl: -cies 1 : the quality or state of a bankrupt [filed for ] 2 : the administration of an insolvent debtor's property by the court for the benefit of the debtor's creditors [the debt was discharged ...
Bankruptcy Administrator
An officer of the judiciary serving in the judicial districts of Alabama and North Carolina who, like the U.S. trustee, is responsible for supervising the administration of bankruptcy cases, estates, ...
Bankruptcy Clause
: ipso facto clause
Bankruptcy Code
The informal name for title 11 of the United States Code (11 U.S.C. sections 101 -1330), the federal bankruptcy law.
Bankruptcy Court
: a court that is a unit of a federal District Court and has original jurisdiction over bankruptcy cases NOTE: Bankruptcy courts were created by Congress as part of the 1898 Bankruptcy Act. Article ...
Bankruptcy Estate
see estate
Bankruptcy Judge
A judicial officer of the United States district court who is the court official with decision
Bankruptcy Petition
The document filed in Bankruptcy Court that details the assets and liabilities of the debtor.
Bankruptcy Trustee
: trustee in bankruptcy
often attrib 1 a : the railing in a courtroom that encloses the area around the judge where prisoners are stationed in criminal cases or where the business of the court is transacted in civil cases ...
Bar Association
: a professional association made up of members of a particular bar (as of a state)
Bar Examination
: an examination that is usually administered by a jurisdiction's bar association and which a lawyer must pass prior to admission to the bar of that jurisdiction
Bare License
1 : authority to enter another's property that is granted to a person (as a salesperson) for that person's benefit 2 : a license to use copyrighted material that does not confer an exclusive right ...
Bare Licensee
: one who has a bare license called also naked licensee
Bareboat Charter
: demise
often attrib [Old French bargaigne negotiation, haggling, from bargaignier to haggle] 1 : an agreement between parties that settles what each gives or receives (as a promise or performance) in a ...
: subject to bargaining ;esp : legitimately subject to collective bargaining [a issue]
Bargaining Agent
see agent
Bargaining Unit
: the group of employees for whom a labor union negotiates a collective bargaining agreement called also collective bargaining unit
pl: -tries [Middle French baraterie deception, from barater to deceive, cheat] 1 : an unlawful act or fraudulent breach of duty by a ship's master or crew that injures the interests of the ship's or ...
[Middle English barrester, from barre bar + -ster (as in legister lawyer)] 1 : a lawyer who argues cases before a British court ;esp : one who is allowed to argue before a British high court compare ...
pl: barristers-at-law : barrister often used as a formal title
: to trade by exchanging one commodity or service for another vt : to trade or exchange by or as if by bartering compare sell
pl: ba·ses [-sēz] 1 : something (as a principle or reason) on which something else is established [the court could not imagine any conceivable for the statute] see also rational basis 2 : ...
: an illegitimate child NOTE: The word bastard is no longer used in legal contexts. bas·tardy [bas-tər-dē] n
Batson Challenge
[from Batson v. Kentucky, 476 U.S. 79 (1986), the Supreme Court ruling that prohibited the striking of jurors on a racial basis] : an objection in which one party argues that the other has used the ...
Battered Child Syndrome
: the combination of grave physical injuries (as broken bones and bruises) that results from gross child abuse NOTE: Evidence of battered child syndrome is often used to establish that a child's ...
Battered Woman's Syndrome
: the psychological symptoms suffered by a woman repeatedly abused by a mate (as a husband) NOTE: Battered woman's syndrome is used as a defense to violent criminal charges (as homicide). Evidence of ...
[Old French batterie beating, from battre to beat, from Latin battuere] : the crime or tort of intentionally or recklessly causing offensive physical contact or bodily harm (as by striking or by ...
bore [bōr] borne [bōrn] also: born vt 1 : to physically carry (as an object or message) [the right of the people to keep and arms "U.S. Constitution amend. II"] 2 : yield [the stock will ...
: a person holding a check, draft, or other negotiable instrument for payment esp. marked payable to bearer or having a blank endorsement
Bearer Bond
see bond
Bearer Paper
see paper
Bearer Security
see security
1 : in the presence of [then personally appeared me] 2 : to be judged or acted on by [a case the court] [a bill coming up Congress]
: a degree of conviction of the truth of something esp. based on a consideration or examination of the evidence compare knowledge, suspicion
be·lieved be·liev·ing : to consider to be true or honest
: the state of being at war or in conflict ;specif : the status whereby a recognized military force is granted the protection of the international laws of war
1 : waging war : carrying on war ;specif : belonging to or recognized as an organized military power protected by and subject to the laws of war 2 : inclined to or exhibiting hostility or a ...
1 : in a lower court [the presumption that the decisions …are correct "W. J. Brennan, Jr."] 2 : lower on the same page or on a following page [the paragraph ]
1 : the place where a judge sits in court [asked counsel to approach the ] compare bar, dock, jury box, sidebar, stand 2 : the court or system of courts serving an area [the state ] [the federal ] ...
Bench Ruling
: an oral ruling on a case given by the judge while still on the bench
Bench Trial
: a trial in which there is no jury and the judge decides the case compare jury trial
Bench Warrant
see warrant
1 : providing benefits or advantages 2 : receiving or entitling one to receive an advantage, benefit, or use [a shareholder] [a estate] ben·e·fi·cial·ly [-shə-lē] ...
Beneficial Interest
see interest
Beneficial Owner
see owner
Beneficial Use
see use
Aliens on whose behalf a U.S. citizen, legal permanent resident, or employer have filed a petition for such aliens to receive immigration benefits from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. ...
pl: -ries : a person or entity (as a charity or estate) that receives a benefit from something: as a : the person or entity named or otherwise entitled to receive the principal or income or both ...
Beneficiary Heir
see heir
1 : something that provides an advantage or gain ;specif : an enhancement of property value, enjoyment of facilities, or increase in general prosperity arising from a public improvement general ...
Benefit Of Discussion
see benefit
Benefit Of Division
see benefit
Benefit Of Inventory
see benefit
Benefit Of The Bargain
:the advantage that would be or have been gained under a contract if completed as agreed ;specif : the difference between the actual value of property and the value of property as it is represented ...
[Old English becwethan to speak to, address, leave by will, from be- to, about + cwethan to say] : to give by will used esp. of personal property but sometimes of real property ; see also legacy, ...
: an act of bequeathing ;also : something bequeathed : legacy de·mon·stra·tive bequest [di-mÄ n-strə-tiv-] : a bequest of a particular amount of money or property to be ...
Best Evidence
see evidence
Best Evidence Rule
: a rule of evidence: in order to prove what is said or pictured in a writing, recording, or photograph the original must be provided unless the original is lost, destroyed, or otherwise unobtainable ...
: the crime of engaging in sexual relations with an animal see also crime against nature
Beta Test
A beta test is the second phase of software testing where a not-yet-final version of the software is made available to a limited number of users so that they can test the program and provide feedback. ...
Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
The standard in a criminal case that must be met by the prosecution in order to convict the defendant. It means the evidence is fully satisfied, all the facts are proven and guilt is established.
bona fide occupational qualification
Bureau of Indian Affairs see also the Important Agencies section
: a personal and often unreasoned judgment for or against one side in a dispute : prejudice [a judge disqualified because of ]
: having, consisting of, or based on two legislative chambers [a legislature] bi·cam·e·ral·ism [bī-ka-mə-rə-li-zəm] n ...
bid bid·ding vt : to offer (a price) for payment or acceptance vi : to make a bid : state what one will pay or take in payment [a contractor bidding for a job] bid·der n
Bid Bond
see bond
Bid Protests
In Government Contracts Law, the General Accounting Office (GAO) forum for bidders and offerors who seek federal government contracts, and believe that a contract has been or is about to be awarded ...
Big Pot
: main pot
1 : guilty of bigamy [a spouse] 2 : involving bigamy [a marriage]
[Medieval Latin bigamia, ultimately from Latin bi- two + Greek gamos marriage] : the crime of marrying someone while still legally married to someone else compare polygamy big·a·mist ...
: affecting, obligating, or shared by both parties [a agreement] bi·lat·er·al·ly [-rə-lē] adv
Bilateral Contract
see contract
1 : a draft of a law presented to a legislature for enactment ;also : the law itself [the GI ] ap·pro·pri·a·tions bill [ə-prō-prē-ā-shənz-] : a bill ...
Bill Of Costs
see bill
Bill Of Credit
see bill
Bill Of Exchange
see bill
Bill Of Lading
clean bill of lading : a bill of lading that does not have any notations written or otherwise marked on it that qualify or amend the bill negotiable bill of lading : order bill of lading in this ...
Bill Of Peace
see bill
Bill Of Review
see bill
Bill Of Rights
: a summary of fundamental rights and privileges guaranteed to a people against violation by the government; esp, cap B&R : the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution see also the ...
Bill Of Sale
:a formal instrument for the conveyance or transfer of title to goods and chattels
Billable Hour
: an hour that a lawyer spends engaged in work that can be charged to a client at the hourly rate
bound [band] bind·ing 1 a : to make responsible for an obligation (as under a contract) [agents have the power to the insurer "R. I. Mehr"] b : to burden with an obligation [prevented married ...
Bind Over
1 : to put under a bond to do something (as appear in court) under court authority 2 : to transfer (a case or defendant) to another forum after a finding of probable cause at a preliminary hearing ...
1 : a temporary insurance contract that provides coverage until the policy is issued 2 : a receipt for money paid to the owner of real estate or to the owner's agent to secure the right to purchase ...
1 : imposing a legal obligation [the agreement is on the parties] 2 : requiring submission to a specified authority [the suppression order was on the Department of Transportation "National Law ...
Biologically unique information used to identify individuals. This information can be used to verify identity or check against other entries in the database. The best known biometric is the ...
Birth Mother
: the woman who gave birth to a child esp. as distinguished from the child's adoptive mother
Biweekly Payment Mortgage
a mortgage paid twice a month instead of once a month, reducing the amount of interest to be paid on the loan.
: having wide acceptance and great authority and often written down [ law]
: a fictitious piece of real property used in the study of property law
[originally, payment extorted from farmers in Scotland and northern England, from black + dialectal mail payment, rent] : extortion or coercion by often written threats esp. of public exposure, ...
Blackout Period
The period between the date the USPTO's examining attorney approves a trademark for publication and the date of issuance of the Notice of Allowance from the USPTO. The applicant may not file an ...
Blank Endorsement
see endorsement
1 : covering or affecting all members of a group or class [ health coverage] 2 : covering or affecting all situations [a release of liability]
Blanket Bond
see bond
Blanket Insurance
1 : insurance under which all of the members of a class or group are covered but are not named see also group insurance 2 : insurance under which property of more than one type or at more than one ...
Blanket Mortgage
see mortgage
blas·phemed blas·phem·ing vt : to commit blasphemy against [ God] vi : to commit blasphemy
pl: -mies : the crime of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God or a religion and its doctrines and writings and esp. God as perceived by Christianity and Christian doctrines and ...
Block Grant
: an unrestricted federal grant
: the condition of a large block of items of property (as shares of stock) that requires special valuation for purposes of estate and gift tax because the value of the items sold as a block differs ...
: profiteering by inducing property owners to sell hastily and often at a loss by appeals to fears of lowered values because of threatened minority encroachment and then reselling at inflated prices ...
Blood Relative
: a relative by common descent compare affine
: police register
Blue Chip
: a stock issue of high investment quality that usually pertains to a substantial well-established company and enjoys public confidence in its worth and stability blue-chip adj
Blue Flu
: an organized absence from work by police officers on the pretext of sickness that is staged for the purpose of protest
Blue Law
[blue puritanical] : a statute regulating work, commerce, and amusements on Sunday NOTE: Existing blue laws derive from the numerous extremely rigorous laws designed to regulate morals and conduct ...
Blue Pencil Rule
: a rule in contracts: a court may strike parts of a covenant not to compete in order to make the covenant reasonable
Blue Sky Laws
State statutes establishing standards for offering and selling securities. The purpose of these laws is to protect citizens from investing in fraudulent companies.
: consisting of individuals selected for quality, reputation, or authority [a committee]
Blue-Ribbon Jury
: special jury
1 : having little or no value [ stock] 2 : of or relating to blue-sky laws
Blue-Sky Law
: a law providing for the regulation (as through registration) of the sale of securities (as stock) for the purpose of preventing fraud
often cap 1 a : a group of individuals having managerial, supervisory, investigatory, or advisory powers over a public or private business, trust, or other organization or institution [Board of ...
Board Of Directors
often cap B&D : a group of individuals elected by the shareholders of a corporation to manage the corporation's business and appoint its officers
Board Of Trade
:a commodities exchange
Bodily Harm
: bodily injury
Bodily Heir
see heir
Bodily Injury
: any damage to a person's physical condition including pain or illness called also bodily harm compare emotional distress, serious bodily injury
Bodily Injury Liability
Insurance coverage that applies when you are legally liable for injuring other people in an auto accident. Bodily injury liability provides payments to those injured individuals and pays your legal ...
Body Corporate
pl: bod·ies corporate : corporation
Body Politic
pl: bod·ies politic : a group of individuals organized under a single governmental authority
Boiler Room
: a room equipped with telephones used for making high-pressure usually fraudulent sales pitches
: standardized text in documents (as contracts)
: to use evidence usually improperly to give weight to (evidence already introduced)
Bona Fide
[Latin, in good faith] 1 a : characterized by good faith and lack of fraud or deceit [a bona fide offer] b : valid under or in compliance with the law [retirement incentives made part of a bona fide ...
Bona Fide Holder
: a holder of a negotiable instrument who acquired title to the instrument in the ordinary course of business for value before it became due and without knowledge of any defect in title compare ...
Bona Fide Occupational Qualification
: a requirement (as relating to sex, religion, national origin, or age) for a particular job that does not violate the constitutional bans on discrimination see also Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Age ...
Bona Fide Purchaser
: a purchaser who purchases in good faith without notice of any defect in title and for a valuable consideration called also bona fide purchaser for value NOTE: There are particular requirements for ...
Bona Fides
[Latin] : good faith [the fact that the plaintiff conducted an investigation demonstrated its bona fides "Jeannette Glass Co. v. Indemnity Ins. Co. of North America, 88 A.2d 407 (1952) (dissent)"]
Bona Vacantia
[Latin, ownerless goods] : goods that are unclaimed and without an apparent owner [it was trash, in the nature of bona vacantia, which the defendants had abandoned "United States v. Calise, 217 F. ...
1 a : a usually formal written agreement by which a person undertakes to perform a certain act (as appear in court or fulfill the obligations of a contract) or abstain from performing an act (as ...
Bond For Deed
:>contract for deed at contract used in Louisiana
: in, operating under, or placed under a bond [a official]
: a person or business entity that holds a government or corporation bond compare stockholder
: one who accepts responsibility as surety for the obligations of another and esp. for bail
1 : a record of a business's financial transactions or financial condition often used in pl. [the s show a profit] 2 : police register 3 : the bets registered by a bookmaker ;also : the business ...
Book Value
: the value of something as shown on bookkeeping records as distinguished from market value: as a : the value of an asset equal to cost less depreciation b : the value of a corporation's capital ...
Book-Entry Bond
see bond
: bookmaker
: a procedure at a jail or police station following an arrest in which information about the arrest (as the time, the name of the arrested person, and the crime for which the arrest was made) is ...
: a person who determines odds and receives and pays off bets called also bookie
: the practices of a bookmaker
[obsolete or dialect boot compensation, from Old English bōt advantage, compensation] : additional money or property received to make up the difference in an exchange of business or investment ...
: something bootlegged bootleg adj
Border Crosser
An alien resident of the United States reentering the country after an absence of less than six months in Canada or Mexico, or a nonresident alien entering the United States across the Canadian border ...
Border Search
see search
past of bear
past part of bear
: to take or receive temporarily ;specif : to receive (money) with the intention of returning the same plus interest bor·row·er n
a person who has been approved to receive a loan and is then obligated to repay it and any additional fees according to the loan terms.
[alteration of earlier bottomary, modification of Dutch bodemerij, from bodem bottom, hull, ship] : a contract under which the owner of a ship pledges the ship as collateral for a loan to finance a ...
1 : boundary usually used in pl. [metes and s] 2 : something that limits or restrains [within the s of the law]
pl: -ar·ies : a theoretical line that marks the limit of an area of land
pl: boun·ties 1 : generosity in bestowing gifts esp. by will 2 : a reward, premium, or subsidy esp. offered by a government
: to engage in a concerted refusal to have dealings with (as a store, business, or organization) usually to express disapproval or to force acceptance of certain conditions see also primary boycott, ...
Brady Material
[from Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963), in which the Supreme Court ruled that suppression by the prosecution of evidence favorable to a defendant who has requested it violates due process] : ...
Brain Death
: the final stopping of activity in the central nervous system esp. as indicated by a flat electroencephalogram for a usually statutorily predetermined period of time brain-dead [brān-ded] ...
: a part of a complex body: as a : one of the three main divisions of the U.S. or a state government see also executive, judiciary, legislature b : a division of a business or organization [an ...
Branch Bank
see bank
Brand Name
: trade name
Brandeis Brief
[from Louis D. Brandeis (1856-1941), who introduced evidence of social and economic factors in his arguments before the Supreme Court in the case Muller v. Oregon] : a brief containing information ...
1 a : a violation in the performance of or a failure to perform an obligation created by a promise, duty, or law without excuse or justification breach of duty : a breach of a duty esp. by a ...
Breach Of Duty
see breach
Breach Of The Peace
1 : a disturbance of public peace or order [insulting language causing a breach of the peace] see also fighting words 2 : the offense of causing a breach of the peace compare disorderly conduct
Breach Of Trust
see breach
Breach Of Warranty
see breach
broke [brōk] bro·ken [brō-kən] break·ing [brā-ki] vt 1 a : violate transgress [ the law] b : to invalidate (a will) by a court proceeding 2 a : to open (another's ...
Break In
: to enter something (as a building or computer system) without privilege (as consent) or by force
Break-Even Analysis
The method of determining the exact point at which a company makes neither a profit nor a loss
Breaking And Entering
: the act of gaining passage into and entering another's property (as a building or vehicle) without privilege or by force ;also : the crime of breaking and entering see also burglary
used for a device that is used to determine the alcohol content of a breath sample
: a benefit (as money) given, promised, or offered in order to influence the judgment or conduct of a person in a position of trust (as an official or witness) compare kickback
pl: -er·ies : the crime of giving or taking a bribe
Bridge Bank
see bank
Bridge Loan
see loan
[Old French bref brief letter, writ indicating legal proceedings, from Late Latin brevis breve short document, summary, from Latin brevis, adjective, short] 1 : a concise statement of a client's case ...
Bright Line
: a clear distinction that resolves a question or matter in dispute bright-line adj
brought [brȯt] bring·ing [bri-i] : to begin or commence (a legal proceeding) through proper legal procedure: as a : to put (as a lawsuit) before a court [this is an action brought to ...
past of break
past part of break
: an agent who negotiates contracts of sale (as of real estate or securities) or other agreements (as insurance contracts or mortgages) between the parties for a fee or commission compare dealer, ...
1 : the business or establishment of a broker 2 : a broker's fee or commission
past and past part of bring
Abandoned, idled, or under-used industrial and commercial facilities where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination.
a detailed record of all income earned and spent during a specific period of time.
bugged bug·ging : to plant a concealed microphone in [ an office] compare eavesdrop, wiretap
Building Code
based on agreed upon safety standards within a specific area, a building code is a regulation that determines the design, construction, and materials used in building.
Building Lease
see lease
: a large mass in bulk 1 : not divided into parts or packaged in separate units 2 : in large quantities
Bulk Sale
see sale
Bulk Transfer
: bulk sale at sale
1 : something that is a duty, obligation, or responsibility [the prosecution has the of proving every element of the offense] [the statute imposes undue s] [ of pleading the necessary elements] 2 : ...
Burden Of Production
:the responsibility of the party that is presenting an issue or fact to produce evidence sufficient to support a favorable finding on that issue or fact called also burden of coming forward with the ...
Burden Of Proof
:the responsibility of producing sufficient evidence in support of a fact or issue and favorably persuading the trier of fact (as a judge or jury) regarding that fact or issue [the burden of proof is ...
Burford Abstention
see abstention
: a person who commits a burglary
-ized -iz·ing : to commit a burglary at [burglarized the apartment]
pl: -glar·ies [Anglo-French burglarie, modification of Medieval Latin burgaria, from burgare to break into (a house)] : the act of breaking and entering an inhabited structure (as a house) esp. ...
bur·gled bur·gling : burglarize
Business Agent
see agent
Business Compulsion
: economic duress
Business Deduction
see deduction
Business Disparagement
: disparagement
Business Expense
see expense
Business Judgment
see judgment
Business Judgment Rule
: a rule of law that provides corporate immunity to directors of corporations protecting them from liability for the consequences of informed decisions made in good faith
Business Nonimmigrant
An alien coming temporarily to the United States to engage in commercial transactions which do not involve gainful employment in the United States, i.e., engaged in international commerce on behalf of ...
Business Plan
A written document that describes a business, its objectives, strategies, market and financial forecast
Business Records Exception
: an exception to the hearsay rule that allows admission into evidence of records, reports, compilations of data, or memoranda of an event, act, condition, opinion, or diagnosis that are made at or ...
Business Trust
see trust
or bus·sing [bə-si] n : the act of transporting by bus ;esp : the transporting of children to a school outside their neighborhood in order to establish a racial balance at that school
: of or relating to the necessary cause (as a negligent act) without which a particular result (as damage) would not have occurred [a but-for test of causation] compare substantial factor
But-For Cause
see cause
Buy Down
the seller pays an amount to the lender so the lender provides a lower rate and lower payments many times for an ARM. The seller may increase the sales price to cover the cost of the buy down.
Buy Out
1 : to purchase the share or interest of 2 : to purchase the entire tangible and intangible assets of (a business)
: an act or instance of buying something back ;esp : the repurchase by a corporation of shares of its own common stock on the open market
Buyer In Ordinary Course Of Business
:a bona fide purchaser who in a normal or regular business procedure buys goods from a seller in the business of selling goods of that kind NOTE: Under the Uniform Commercial Code a buyer in ordinary ...
: an act or instance of buying out
[Middle English bilage bilawe local law, probably ultimately from Old Norse bȳr town + lg law] 1 : a rule adopted by an organization chiefly for the government of its members and the management ...
The local laws or municipal statutes of a city or town.
Bypass Shelter Trust
: bypass trust at trust
Bypass Trust
see trust
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