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Queen's Bench
qualified domestic relations order
qualified terminable interest property
Qtip Trust
see trust
[Latin, which way, as, from ablative singular feminine of qui who] : in the capacity or character of [a legitimate interest of the stockholder stockholder]
[Latin, imperative of quaerere to seek, ask] : question usually used to introduce a question [: whether the legislature intended such a result?]
1 : fitted (as by training or experience) for a given purpose or condition 2 a : being in compliance or accordance with specific requirements or conditions [a voter] b : eligible under applicable ...
Qualified Disclaimer
: an irrevocable and absolute refusal to accept a particular interest in the estate of a decedent (as a spouse) that is made in accordance with federal tax requirements and results in favorable tax ...
Qualified Domestic Relations Order (Qdro)
Pronounced "kwah-dro," an order issued by the court to divide retirement benefits.
Qualified Endorsement
see endorsement
Qualified Immunity
see immunity
Qualified Ownership
see ownership
Qualified Privilege
see privilege
Qualified Witness
see witness
-fied -fy·ing vt 1 : to limit or modify in some way 2 : to make or consider eligible or fit [his training and experience qualified him as an expert witness] 3 : to issue a certificate or ...
Qualifying Date
The date which the Visa Office of the Department of State uses the qualifying date to determine when to send the Instruction Package to an immigrant visa applicant. The Instruction Package tells the ...
Qualifying Event
: an event or condition (as a terminal illness) that permits an acceleration or continuation of benefits or coverage ;esp : an event involving an employee covered by a group health insurance plan ...
Qualifying Ratios
guidelines utilized by lenders to determine how much money a homebuyer is qualified to borrow. Lending guidelines typically include a maximum housing expense to income ratio and a maximum monthly ...
Qualifying Widow(Er)
The filing status used by a qualified person for the two years following a spouse's death.
pl: -ties 1 : a special, distinctive, or essential character: as a : a character, position, or role assumed [those acts of ownership, which the person called to the succession can only do in of heir ...
Quantum Meruit
[Latin, as much as he/she deserved] 1 : a claim or count grounded on an implied contract that the defendant would pay the plaintiff as much as deserved for services or materials provided ;specif : a ...
Quantum Valebant
[Latin, as much as they were worth] 1 : a count in a common-law action of assumpsit to recover the value of goods or materials furnished 2 : a theory or doctrine that permits recovery for materials ...
[Anglo-French quasser, from Middle French casser quasser, from Late Latin cassare, from Latin cassus void] : to make void : annul [ a subpoena]
: an act of quashing something [opposed the of the indictment]
[Latin, as if, as it were, from quam as + si if] : having such a resemblance to another thing as to fall within its general category [a quasi corporation]
Quasi Contract
see contract
Quasi Easement
see easement
Quasi Estoppel
see estoppel
Quasi In Rem
[Latin, as if against a thing] : as if one were proceeding against the thing used esp. in reference to proceedings (as for attachment of property) in which one seeks satisfaction of a claim against a ...
Quasi In Rem Jurisdiction
see jurisdiction
in the civil law of Louisiana : quasi-offense
: of, relating to, or being an administrative act, body, or procedure that is concerned with the adjudication of specific rights and obligations rather than the promulgation of rules, that requires ...
: of, relating to, or being an administrative act, body, or procedure that is concerned with the promulgation of rules and regulations or the adoption of laws, charters, or orders and that is based ...
in the civil law of Louisiana : a negligent unlawful act that causes damage to another and for which the law imposes an obligation for damages compare offense
Queen's Bench
: a division of the High Court of Justice of England and Wales that hears civil cases (as commercial cases) and appeals of criminal cases used during the reign of a queen compare king's bench
A query is a formally phrased question. In computer terms, a query is the information entered by a user of a search engine or database.
1 : a particular query directed to a witness compare interrogatory hy·po·thet·i·cal question [hī-pə-the-ti-kəl] : a question directed to an expert witness (as a ...
Question Of Fact
see question
Question Of Law
see question
Qui Tam
[Late Latin, who as much, who as well; from the first words of a clause referring to the plaintiff as one who sues as much for the state as for himself or herself] : of, relating to, or being a qui ...
Qui Tam Action
: an action that is brought by a person on behalf of a government against a party alleged to have violated a statute esp. against defrauding the government through false claims and that provides for ...
Quick Assets
see asset
Quid Pro Quo
[New Latin, something for something] : something (as consideration) given or received for something else
Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment
: sexual harassment in which the satisfaction of sexual demands is made the condition of job benefits or continued employment or is used as the basis for employment decisions regarding the individual ...
: free from disturbance, interference, or dispute (as from an adverse claim) [ enjoyment of property]
: to release a claim to ;specif : to release a claim to and convey by quitclaim deed [required under the divorce decree to the property to his wife] quitclaim n
Quitclaim Deed
see deed
Quo Warranto
[Medieval Latin, by what warrant; from the wording of the writ] 1 : an extraordinary writ requiring a person or corporation to show by what right or authority a public office or franchise is held or ...
[Middle English, a select number of English justices of the peace formerly required to be present at sessions to constitute a lawful bench, from Latin, of whom, genitive plural of qui who; from the ...
[Medieval Latin, from Latin quota pars how great a part] 1 : a proportional part or share assigned to each in a body 2 : a specific amount that serves as a minimum or maximum [a law against traffic ...
Quotient Verdict
see verdict
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